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A Step By Step Guide

Registration Window

Organizations must complete all of the following steps before the deadlines below. This is to ensure adequate time for staff to review and schedule additional meetings if necessary.

  • September 15 to be reviewed in October
  • October 15 to be reviewed in November
  • February 15 to be reviewed in March
  • March 15 to be reviewed in April
  • June 15 for summer review


Check out our "how to" video!


1. (Optional) Schedule a meeting with a Student Engagement Consultant HERE

  • This step is recommend for organizations that may need additional hands-on assistance with starting their organization and/or those with additional questions.

2. Search the Student Organization Database to see if an organization with a similar focus already exists

3. Review the Student Organization Recognition Policy

4. Create the potential organization using the Student Organization Database

  • Select "Sign In" top navigation bar and login with your University NET-ID and password

  • Select "Account" from the dropdown menu

  • Select "Profile"

  • Below the Manage Organizations section, select "Create Organization”

  • Provide information in every section of the checklist:

    • Providing information to every prompt/question will help you achieve a green checkmark in the following sections: Basic Information, Description, Membership Information, Activities, Accounting Information, and Risk Management

      • The more detailed information provided, the more likely the potential organization is to be approved on first review

      • If changes need to be made, you will be contacted via email explaining required edits/changes. You can always log in again and change and/or edit this information

  • Roster Section: In order to achieve a green checkmark in the Roster section of your checklist, you must add at least five members to the organization and those members must acknowledge their membership via an automated email they will receive from the Database. This number is inclusive of the organization’s President and Treasurer.

  • Officers Section: Designate a President and Treasurer on your roster (at a minimum) to achieve a green checkmark in this section. In order for a member to be added as an officer, they must first be listed on the organization’s roster.

    • Organization officers must have at least a 2.0 GPA and be in good academic standing. This information should be outlined in your organization’s constitution.

    • Once the President and Treasurer acknowledge their position in the database, complete President's Training (managed by Student Engagement) and Treasurer's Training (managed by Campus Organizations Accounting) on Canvas.

  • Adviser Section: At least one adviser must be added to the adviser section of the database and must acknowledge this role via automated email to achieve a green checkmark in this section.

    • The organization advisor must be a half or full-time faculty or staff member of Iowa State University. Graduate students are not eligible to serve as official advisers. 

  • Constitution Section: Create your organization’s constitution using the Student Engagement Constitution Guidelines. Upload your constitution to receive a yellow mark in this section. A Student Engagement consultant will review your constitution and provide any necessary edits/changes. Once approved, you will achieve a green checkmark in this section.

  • Operations Manual Section: The Operations Manual Guidelines can help you get started drafting this ongoing document. Think of this document as a transition guide for future members of your organization to understand the activities and processes you had in mind when creating the group. As things change after you achieve recognition, keep this document updated. You will receive a green checkmark in this section once you upload this document, however, your Operations Manual will still be reviewed by a Student Engagement consultant will review your constitution who will provide any necessary edits/changes. An approved Operations Manual will have given the status “Active - Acknowledged”.

  • Compliance Agreement Section: When the above sections of the checklist are completed, an electronic compliance agreement for will be generated. The President(s), Treasurer, and Adviser(s) listed in the Officers and Adviser sections of your checklist will each need to log into the database independently to electronically sign this form. The form will be automatically approved on the day following the date of the last signature received. Once approved, you will achieve a green checkmark in this section.

5. When you have achieved all green checkmarks on your organization checklist, click the blue “Submit Organization” button at the bottom of your checklist. You will be placed "in review by Student Engagement" and will be contacted regarding any necessary changes or if a meeting to discuss the organization is required. If any changes/meetings are required, you will be placed "in review by the Student Organization Recognition Board" and will be contacted to set up a meeting time with the board.

After your meeting with SORB, you will be notified of your organization’s status. Once your organization is approved, you are eligible for the benefits of recognized student organizations!

Additional questions about this process may be answered in the Student Organization Database “How to Create a New Organization” Training Module. Questions may also be directed to

Connect with Student Engagement Consultants following your organization’s approval and request a meeting for help with membership recruitment and retention, advertising and promotion, icebreakers and team builders, event planning, fundraising, and much more!

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