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Student Organization Review Committee

Members of the Student Organization Review Committee will serve on two different boards: the Student Organization Recognition Board and the Event Funding Board. The students who serve on this committee will have the opportunity to help students start new organizations on campus as well as help orgs initiate and establish new events and traditions on campus by allocating the necessary funding. This is an excellent opportunity for any motivated student leader looking to gain experience in policy administration, finance, and communication skills.

The specific purpose of each board is outlined below:

  • Student Organization Recognition Board

    • The Student Organization Recognition Board supports the recognition process for existing student and campus organizations. It also reviews and recognizes new organizations, assigning them to one of three tiers (sponsored, affiliated, or registered). 

  • Event Funding Board

    • The Event Funding Board provides recognized student organizations an opportunity to receive funds for events throughout the academic year (fall and spring semesters only), giving priority consideration to brand new event ideas, previously held events with significant enhancements, events that attract a broad cross-section of the student body, and events hosted by multiple collaborating student organizations or that have received matching funds elsewhere.

Any questions about this opportunity can be directed to Kevin Merrill, the Assistant Director for Student Organizations, Leadership and Service.


Criteria for Committee Members:

  • Must be a full-time student

  • Must be in good academic standing with the university

  • Must be able to devote approximately 2 hours per week to this commitment

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience as an officer in a student organization

  • Experience managing or reviewing budgets for student organizations or other entity

  • Event planning experience

  • Experience in reviewing funding applications

Committee Member Responsibilities:

  • Each committee member will be responsible for reviewing the submitted materials electronically and outside of the designated meeting time for each board.

  • Committee members are expected to attend every board meeting with any necessary documents and must actively contribute to the discussion

  • Committee members must serve as representatives for the student body at large, and not representatives for any specific organization they may be involved with


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