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The Student Organization Marketplace is an online marketplace in which recognized Student Organizations at Iowa State University are able to extend their business to the internet and more effectively reach the larger Iowa State community and beyond. Student Organizations can use the Marketplace to sell event registrations, collect memberships dues, and receive non-charitable donations. By purchasing a product through the Student Organization Marketplace, the customer is directly supporting a recognized student organization.

How It Works

Recognized Student Organizations manage stores on the Marketplace and post products that have been approved for sale. All products posted will only stay on the Marketplace for a limited amount of time depending on what type of product it is. Customers may browse through all of the  listed products and purchase with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover only).

The Student Organization is directly responsible for handling all communication with its customers. If the customer has a question about a product, or has a charge they wish to dispute, they must contact the listed Product Manager or Store Manager directly.

Cost of Use

The Student Engagement collects a 5% fee from the Student Organization on all transactions made through the Marketplace (this includes all purchases made and refunds issued).

The Role of Student Engagement

All products posted for sale on the Marketplace have been approved for sale by Student Engagement, however neither Student Engagement nor Iowa State University are responsible for the transaction between the student organization and the customer, and therefore may not be held liable for any damages caused as a result of using this site. Student Engagement does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to the Student Organization Marketplace.

Use of the Marketplace

Organizations interested in utilizing their store on the Marketplace must first complete the Student Organization Marketplace Training on the Student Organization Database. Training can be completed by any officer in an organization, but it encouraged that the training is completed by the Student Organization's Treasurer. After the training module has been completed, email the Marketplace Administrator at to request activation of your store. 

Questions or Issues

If a Customer has questions about the Marketplace, or experiences any technical issues, they are encouraged to contact the Marketplace Administrator at

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