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How do I become the new Webmaster in the Student Organization Database?

The president, treasurer, and adviser have the authority to update who has access to update the website. Only officers are allowed to have access to update the website. The president, treasurer, or adviser would need to login to the Student Organization Database (SODB) and select the organization they would like to update. From there they should select “officers” where they will see a list of the current officers in the system. There they can add or remove the people they would like to have access the website by checking the last box next to that person’s name and position (under the website column). The person making the updates must remember to select “update permissions” in order for this change to officially be made.

Why is it important to add content to my website?

It is important to add content to your website because it is the first thing that the general public will see when they search your organization. You want to give as much accurate information as possible on your website to minimize confusion.

How do I send emails to members on my roster?

You can send emails by going to your organizations website. Only an officer who has access to manage the website will be able to send emails to your roster. When viewing your website there will be an announcements tab on the left side of the screen. When you select that tab you will see a list of all current announcements that have been created for your organization. Towards the right of the announcement you will see an option to email, edit, or delete. When you select email you will have the option to email the announcement to your subscribers, members, or officers.

How does the +Subscribe button work?

When this button is clicked you’ll be able to subscribe to a student organization’s announcements. At some point you’ll be able to subscribe to their calendar as well. This feature isn’t ready yet.

How does the +Join button work?

By clicking on this button you can request to join a specific student organization. The organization officers will receive a request from you which they have to accept for you to join. Then you’ll get added to their roster and start receiving notices from them.


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