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Making Member Changes

Who is able to make changes to our organization?

Anyone currently listed in the database as president, treasurer, or adviser can update the information for a student organization by going to the Student Organization Database (SODB). From there, they will need to login and select the "Profile" tab. The organizations they are affiliated with will be listed, and they should select the one they wish to update. They can then update any organization information,  make any officer changes they need to make, or grant admin permissions to any officers.

How do I add members to my club?

Adding members can be done in the roster section of the Student Organization Database (SODB). Select the club you would like to add a member to, then select roster. Select the option "Add Member" near the bottom of the list of current members. The new member can acknowledge by logging in and going to their profile. They will see a notification towards the bottom of their screen asking them to acknowledge their membership in your organization.

Our organization recently held elections and we need to put our new officers in the Student Organization Database. How do we do that?

Officer changes are made in the officers section of the database. If the new officer is not listed yet on the roster you will need to add them first (see above question on how to add members). When adding an officer, click the “Add Officer” button near the bottom of the list of current officers. Select the member and the position. The new officer will receive a notification on their profile to acknowledge their position in the organization.

Any time there is a change in president, treasurer, or adviser in the Student Organization Database (SODB) a new compliance agreement form is required. The president, treasurer, and adviser will need to login to the SODB to "electronically sign" the form. The Compliance Agreement section of your organization can be found by clicking on "Profile" and then selecting your organization. The Checklist will appear showing the Compliance Agreement. Click this section and find the blue "Sign Compliance Agreement" link. This leads to the newest form to read and digitally sign. Note - you will continue to receive reminders once per week for four weeks until each of the president, treasurer, and adviser sign the agreement. If this is not completed, your organization will lose recognition.

I am the outgoing treasurer of our organization, and I want to add our new treasurer. It says we cannot have more than one treasurer in the system at a time. How can I make this change?

Our system does not allow more than one treasurer to be entered at a time because policy only allows one treasurer per organization. The president or adviser will have to make that change, as the treasurer will not be able to add another treasurer while they are still in the system and will not have authorization to add a new treasurer once they are removed.

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