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I received an email that said our group is not in compliance because we have not completed a compliance agreement form. What does this mean?

Any time there is a change in president, treasurer, or adviser in the Student Organization Database (SODB) a new compliance agreement form is required. The president, treasurer, and adviser will need to login to the SODB to "electronically sign" the form. The Compliance Agreement section of your organization can be found by clicking on "Profile" and then selecting your organization. The Checklist will appear showing the Compliance Agreement. Click this section and find the blue "Sign Compliance Agreement" link. This leads to the newest form to read and digitally sign. Note - you will continue to receive reminders once per week for four weeks until each of the president, treasurer, and adviser sign the agreement. If this is not completed, your organization will lose recognition.

I received an email that said our group is not in compliance because we do not have a president/treasurer/adviser listed. Can you explain this?

An automated message is sent any time one of the three required positions (president, treasurer, or adviser) is vacant in the Student Organization Database (SODB). Organizations have 7 days to fill the position and update the SODB. After that, your group will have 4 weeks to complete the compliance agreement form.

It was indicated that our organization is not in good standing. What does this mean?

This means that for some reason, your organization is not in compliance. The most common reasons include not turning in a current compliance agreement form, your president has not completed the President’s Training, you do not have an approved constitution, or there is a president, treasurer, or adviser missing from the Student Organization Database (SODB). If you are not in good standing, you have a certain amount of time to make necessary changes while still being able to function as a recognized organization. If, however, the action is not completed by the deadline, your organization will not be considered recognized by the university, and you will lose benefits such as being able to reserve rooms, access to your club funds, eligibility for ClubFest, use of university trademarks and more.

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