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Student Organization Database FAQs

Starting A Club

  • How do I start a new club?

Making Member Changes

  • Who is able to make changes to our organization?
  • How do I add members to my club?
  • Our organization recently held elections and we need to put our new officers in the Student Organization Database. How do we do that?
  • I am the outgoing treasurer of our organization, and I want to add our new treasurer. It says we cannot have more than one treasurer in the system at a time. How can I make this change?



  • How do I become the new Webmaster in the Student Organization Database?
  • Why is it important to add content to my website?
  • How do I send emails to members on my roster?
  • How does the +Subscribe button work?
  • How does the +Join button work?

President's Training

Recognition Board



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