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The Division of Student Affairs at Iowa State University values the relationship with students engaged in recognized organization activities and as such has adopted a philosophical approach to partnering with individual students and student organizations as facilitators of the involvement experience. To this end the resources, guidelines, and concepts presented in this manual are based upon the facilitator university approach. As facilitators, student organization members, leaders, and advisers work with administrators, faculty and staff to make intelligent, fair and reasonable choices within the boundaries established by state, federal, and local laws, university rules, and the educational mission of the institution. It is a requirement that all recognized student organizations designate one member to be a risk management officer to ensure minimal risk for the organization.


Anytime there is need for clear understanding of responsibility, there is need for a contract. Contracts are a binding agreement between two parties in which each gives something in return for something else. Before creating or signing any contract, please review these guidelines for proper procedure as student organizations do not have signatory authority for ISU.


Most student organization activities do not require the purchase of insurance. Iowa State University provides liability coverage for most authorized events. However, higher risk activities or large scale events may require the organization to purchase additional insurance.

Liability and Waivers

Whether you are planning an event or carrying out organizational duties, see this information to be in the know about proper liability and when waivers may need to be completed.

Serving Food on Campus

To ensure that ISU food sales or service does not conflict with existing university food contracts and meets health and safety regulations, ISU student organizations must obtain approval for sales, service and handling of food-related items. Student organizations can obtain approval through the Event Authorization process.


Policy and procedures are in place to govern travel for recognized student organization events or activities. Approval should be requested prior to travel.

Youth Programs and Involvement

All youth activities, pre-collegiate programs and camps must be authorized by the appropriate chair, dean or vice president, before program activities can occur. Please see the information provided by the Office of Risk Management to learn more about the Youth Activities, Pre-Collegiate Programs and Camps policy.


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