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Memorial Union Student Organization Office and Storage Space Policy


Student Organization Office and Storage Space (SOOSS) Terms and Conditions.

To view allocation details, update, and make changes, use the Tenant Information section of the Overview Checklist.

Contract Term

  1. The contract period begins the Monday of finals week in the Spring semester through Friday of prep week of the subsequent Spring semester.

  2. Student Engagement reserves the right to change the contract term by giving thirty (30) days advanced email notice. Failure to vacate space by the stated deadline will result in the removal of items from the organization's SOOSS area. Items will be held by Student Engagement for two (2) weeks after the deadline, after which time they will become the property of the Iowa State Memorial Union.


Check In/Out

  1. Tenants must move out by noon on Monday of Prep Week of the Spring Semester. New tenants can move in starting at noon on Monday of Finals Week.

  2. A student organization vacating their space must do the following:

    1. Clean the office/storage space thoroughly, including cleaning surfaces, inside of desk drawers, removing all items, removal of trash.

    2. Turn in keys.

    3. A Student Engagement employee will inspect the space for cleanliness/damages and record the condition of the office.

  3. Failure to complete any of the above procedures will constitute an improper checkout. Failure to check out properly may result in additional charges for damages and cleaning.


Termination of Contract

  1. Student Engagement may terminate an organization's Contract for Student Office and/or Storage Space at any time under the following conditions:

    1. If the student organization is found to be in violation of the rules and regulations established in this contract and/or any university policy, or any federal, state, or local laws.

    2. If the organization fails to meet the regular weekly usage policy requirement for office spaces.

  2. The student organization may cancel their contract and vacate the space at any time. Upon receipt of a written notice from the student organization of intent to vacate, the student organization will have five (5) days to vacate the space.


Required Weekly Office Hours

  1. Closed office spaces are expected to maintain a minimum usage of 10 hours per week. Shared office spaces are expected to maintain a minimum of 5 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. 

  2. Tenants are responsible for monitoring their own hours.

  3. Spot checks will be made Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM, and Fridays, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM by Student Engagement staff. Member(s) must be present inside the organization office space in order to be counted for office hours. Groups that have not met the weekly office-hour expectation will not be considered for renewal unless they can show significant improvement in office usage by the start of the application process.



  1. Memorial Union and Student Engagement staff reserve the right to inspect and review the offices, general areas, and storage areas as they deem necessary. Inspections may be conducted without notice and without the presence of a representative of the student organization.


Student Organization Office Space Access

  1. A set of keys is reserved for the student organization's office at the Student Engagement Front Desk.

  2. The keys are to be checked out only by those people listed on the Access List (which is maintained within the Student Organization Database under Tenant Info by the President(s), Adviser(s), and Treasurer).

  3. Only individuals possessing a valid ISU card may be placed on organization key lists and/or check-out keys. The student organization is responsible for the keys during the time they are checked out. The keys must not be given to another student organization and/or individual to use. Duplicate keys may not be made. If a key is lost the student organization will be assessed replacement fees.

  4. Access to the student organization's office is limited to the student organization members and its associates. The student organization is the only entity permitted to occupy the office allocation.

  5. Propping of main entry doors is prohibited and will be documented. The appropriate disciplinary action against the student organization will be taken, up to and including the loss of the student organization's office allocation.

  6. After-hours access to the SOOSS must be requested within the Student Organization Database under Tenant Info by the President(s), Adviser(s), and Treasurer).



  1. During regular class sessions, the East and West Student Office Spaces are locked Monday through Thursday at 7:00 PM and Friday at 5:00 PM, and closed Saturday-Sunday. After that time, it is accessible only by students with After-hours access using their ISUCard. Locked office keys must be checked out from the Iowa State Memorial Union Info Desk after 7:00 PM and during weekends.

  2. All keys and proximity cards must be returned the same day they are checked out. 

  3. All keys and proximity cards must remain in the Memorial Union. 

  4. All organization offices and storage lockers must be locked when a member is not present. 

  5. An organization that loses keys to its office or desk units will be charged a minimum of $100 for lock change and $30 for each lost key.

  6. Proximity Cards must be returned within one hour to the Student Engagement office or Information Desk. Failure to return within one hour and/or loss of the proximity card will result in a $25 charge. 


Liability for Personal Property

  1. Student Engagement and the Iowa State Memorial Union are not in any way responsible and/or liable for the loss or theft of, or damage to, any property belonging to the student organization and/or its members and/or associates. The student organization shall not hold Student Engagement responsible for damage that may be caused or sustained by breakage, leakage, or obstruction of pipes, and from other latent defects not known to Student Engagement.


Liability for Student Engagement and/or Iowa State University Memorial Union Property

  1. The student organization is also responsible for the upkeep of its office and/or storage area.

  2. The student organization is responsible for damages to Student Engagement and/or Iowa State Memorial Union property that may be caused by the student organization or its associates.

  3. The student organization may be charged a fee for areas kept in poor physical condition that require non-routine service from maintenance and custodial staff.

  4. In the event of damages to the student organization's office, such as furniture, fixtures, doors, flooring, walls, ceilings, and windows, Student Engagement will charge the student organization's account for reasonable damages if the responsible person(s) cannot be identified. Student Engagement shall notify the student organization in writing of any intent to assess a charge. The student organization may contest the charges within seven (7) days of the delivery of the notification. If the charge is contested within seven (7) days, the charge will not be completed until an agreed-upon decision has been reached between the parties involved. If no agreement can be reached within fourteen (14) days, the original charge will be assessed to the student organization's account.



  1. Student Engagement does not carry insurance on property in office and/or storage space.



  1. Each office is furnished with basic office equipment, including a desk, chair, and drawers.

  2. Nails, screws, tacks, and tape are not allowed to affix any materials to walls, doors, ceilings, flooring, or any office furnishings.

  3. Couches and similar non-office-related furnishings are not permitted.

  4. Common area furniture is not to be removed from the common areas and placed into student organization offices. 


Prohibited Items

  1. Office and Storage Space may not be used to house or store:

    1. Perishable items, beverages, and food of any kind (e.g. sugar, fruit, refrigerated beverages, snacks, candy, etc.)

      a. Individually wrapped candy is permitted, so long as it is labeled with the date purchased and is stored in a clear, sealed container. 

      1. All candy must be disposed of at the end of each semester. 

    2. Garbage. There are garbage and recycling containers in the general areas of both ESOS and WSOS for tenants to dispose of items.

    3. Single use cups, plates, utensils, etc. (SOOSS spaces are not food safe sanitary)

    4. Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substances.

    5. Hazardous/flammable/explosive/toxic materials (e.g. varnish, gasoline, lighter fluid, mercury, charcoal, propane, candles, etc.).

    6. Weapons - any instrument or device primarily for use in inflicting death or injury upon a human being or animal, and which is capable of inflicting death or injury when used in the manner for which it was designed.

    7. Glitter.

    8. Paint.

    9. Stolen property.

  2. Organizations violating this policy may be charged $50 for each occurrence and a violation may result in loss of space.


Use, Damages, and Vandalism

  1. The student organization is responsible for the proper treatment of the furnishings in its office.

  2. Willful destruction or defacing of Student Engagement property or Memorial Union property is prohibited. A student organization is responsible for damage to property, will receive charges for replacement or repair of the damaged property, and be subject to immediate termination of their contract.

  3. Student Engagement desks, fixtures, offices, and supplies in the East Student Office Space are not to be accessed, utilized, or tampered with.

  4. Any material changes to the office space (paint, hanging shelves, bulletin boards, etc.) must be done by MU staff, and any charges for those services and/or charges to restore the office to its original condition (patch, repaint, etc.) are the responsibility of the organization. Email for more information. 

  5. In the event of damages to the student organization's office allocation (furniture, fixtures, doors, flooring, walls, ceilings, and windows), Student Engagement reserves the right to assess the student organization's account a reasonable charge for damages if the responsible person(s) cannot be identified.


Items Left in SOOSS General Areas

  1. All items (both personal and provided Student Engagement property) are to be kept in the student organization's office or storage space.

  2. Items cannot be placed or stored in SOOSS general areas.

  3. Items stored improperly or left in or around the office/cubicle/storage space will be removed immediately. Organizations will receive an email and will have 7 days to pick up the items otherwise they will become property of the Memorial Union and may be disposed of.

  4. Items may not be stored within 18" of the ceiling or structure attached to the ceiling. Decorations/supplies cannot extend beyond the confines of your allocated space.


Electrical Appliances

  1. Due to fire and sanitation hazards, any electrical appliances not included with the office space and/or related to normal office computer equipment are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, space heaters, cooking appliances, refrigerators, holiday lights, lamps, halogen torchiere lamps, coffee makers, candle warmers, and sun lamps. Because of the fire hazards they present, candles or other open flame devices are not permitted.


Fire Alarms and Equipment Abuse

  1. Tampering with the fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire department standpipes, exit lights, and the removal of glass box hammers is a violation of state law.

  2. Everyone is required to evacuate the building when the fire alarm is sounded and may re-enter the building when the proper authorities give permission to do so.


Selling and Soliciting

  1. Selling and soliciting is not permitted. Solicitation shall be defined as commercial and/or profit-making activity. The student organization may not use their office space for any commercial reason.

  2. The student organization is not permitted to sublet or assign its office or storage allocation or to use it for commercial purposes.

  3. No cash/monies shall be kept in the Student Office or Storage Space. All cash/monies need to be properly deposited following Campus Organization Account policy and should not be left unattended in Student Office or Storage Space at any time.


Student Engagement Staff Workroom

  1. The use of the microwave, coffee maker, or refrigerators in the Staff Workroom is prohibited. A student microwave is available in the MU Commons.

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