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Mass Email Guidelines and Process for Recognized Student Organizations

A benefit and privilege extended to ISU recognized student organizations is the ability to send mass emails to ISU students utilizing ITS’s mass email service.  The following process and guidelines apply to all recognized student organization mass emails to ISU students.

Guidelines for Student Organization Mass Email to Students

  1. Mass email to ISU students may be used by recognized student organizations (“student organizations”) to communicate about student organization events and programs.

  2. Any student organization member may initiate the mass email to students request process on behalf of the student organization, subject to organization officer approval (see process below).

  3. All mass emails will have a standard “from” line clearly indicating the student organization sending the email.

  4. All mass emails will have a clearly stated standard subject line, as follows:  “StuOrg Email: [insert short description of event]” (Example: “StuOrg Email: Comics Club Welcome Back Pizza Party”). The standard subject line text will automatically be added to the subject line of the mass email by ITS.

  5. All mass emails will conclude with a signature block, as follows:  “The views and opinions contained in this email are strictly those of the student organization, and not the university.  If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact the organization at [insert link to student organization’s official webpage].

  6. Mass email to students can include .PNG or .JPG files only. All images require alt/descriptive text. Size restrictions may apply depending on the type of file.   

  7. Mass emails will include a link to the student organization’s official webpage in the Student Organization Database or to the website of a connected or supporting ISU department.  Links to third-party websites or URLs are not permitted.

  8. Mass emails will automatically include a link to an ITS page that explains how recipients may filter mass email messages from their Inbox.

  9. If an event is being promoted in the mass email, the student organization must complete the University Event Authorization approval process before submitting a mass email request.

  10. Usage of Iowa State University trademarks must follow student guidelines and policies as managed by the Trademark Licensing Office.

Process for Student Organization Mass Email to Students

  • Mass Emails take up to three weeks to submit, process, and schedule to be sent.
  • The requested “send date” for the mass email must be 7 or more days before any promoted dates. 
  • There are two separate office processes; first, the Student Organization Mass Email Request process and then the ITS Mass Email Campaign process. 
  • Mass email requests must be started 14 or more days before the promoted date(s). Mass email requests started fewer than 14 days will not be accepted.


  • Steps:
    1. Complete the student organization request form and follow the instructions for submitting the request. 
    2. The request form is completed by the organization's President, Treasurer, and Advisor
    3. Request is routed to Student Engagement staff for review.
      • Should the request form be denied for any reason, the student organization will be notified via email.
      • If edits or additional information are needed, the student organization will be asked to update and resubmit the request form.
    4. Once the email has been approved, the organization uploads the required information using the ITS Mass Email Campaign process. ITS staff requires a minimum of 3 business days to schedule the email, but it is recommended that organizations allow 7-10 business days.
    5. Mass email send date must be 7 or more days before any promoted dates.


  • Timeline Example:
    • For an event on October 30, the email request should be submitted on or before October 7 (no later than October 15) to allow your organization’s President, Treasurer, and Advisor to review, Student Engagement staff to review, and the entire ITS Mass Email setup and scheduling process. The email would need to be sent no later than October 23. 
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