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Student Organization Event Funding Board

The Student Organization Event Funding Board offers recognized student organizations an opportunity to receive funds for events throughout the academic year (fall and spring semesters only). The ultimate goal of this program is to be as inclusive as possible with regard to organizations and events that are funded in order to contribute to a vibrant campus community. Please note that funding is contingent on approval from the Event Authorization Committee.

Submitting Your Proposal

Events must fall under one of the following categories in order to be considered:

  • Fundraising seed money (i.e. student organizations hosting fundraisers to support operating expenses; the board will only allocate funds for expenses not covered with revenue generated from the event)

  • Entertainment

  • Academic showcase

  • Recruitment event

  • Recreation/athletic event

  • Community service programs

Priority will be given to applications that include the following:

  • Brand new event ideas

  • Events with significant enhancements to previous years

  • Events with potential to attract a broad cross-section of the student body

  • Events hosted by multiple collaborating student organizations

  • Events with matching funds included in the budget. (If your organization has limited resources, you are encouraged to partner with other student groups or university departments that can assist with matching funds.)

Additional criteria:

  • Requests for food will be limited to those that are critical to the purpose of the event

  • Any giveaways must be relevant to enhance word-of-mouth promotion efforts. A utilization plan for any giveaway items must be included with the application.

  • Off-campus trips will not be considered for funding.

  • Events must take place on campus or in the Ames community.

  • Events that generate revenue for charities will not be considered for funding (Free-will donations for charities may be accepted at the event, but generated revenue from admission fees may not be donated to charity. The revenue from admission fees must go toward the cost of the event.)

  • All applications must include quotes for any printing, advertising, or supplies associated with the event

  • Additional scrutiny will be applied toward items that may be reused in the future

  • All applications must submit a completed budget. As part of the funding proposal form, you will be asked to provide an itemized list of anticipated expenses and any additional sources of funding for this event.

  • Student organizations can apply for a maximum of $7,500 to go toward an event

Timeline for proposals:

  • Proposals are due the last Monday of each month during the academic year.

    •  Fall 2023 deadlines are listed below:

      • August 28 (for events taking place after October 2)

      • September 25 (for events taking place after October 30)

      • October 30 (for events taking place after December 4)

      • November 27 (for Spring 2024 events)

    • Spring 2024 deadlines are listed below:

      • January 29 (for events taking place after March 4)

      • February 26 (for events taking place after April 1)

      • March 25 (for events taking place after April 29)

  • The funding request deadline must be at least 5 weeks before the event date to receive priority consideration. (Example: If your organization's event is scheduled for October 10, your proposal would need to be submitted by the August 28 deadline.)

  • Any student organization requesting $1,500 or more will be asked to meet with the board to discuss their proposal. You will be notified via email if you've been invited to a meeting.

  • Requests below $1,500 will not need to meet with the board (unless asked), but those proposals will be reviewed during the monthly board meetings as well.


PLEASE NOTE: If you need any assistance with submitting your proposal, creating a budget, or generating event ideas, please contact us at

Post-Event Steps

After the completion of your organization's event, there are a couple of steps that you will need to complete in order to be reimbursed for your approved expenses:

  • Post-Event Report: After your event, you will need to upload your organization's ISU Transaction Detail along with a PDF document containing compiled copies of the receipts, paid invoices, and/or purchase orders for all of the approved expenses that are being reimbursed by the Event Funding Board into the Post-Event Report. Please note that your organization will not be reimbursed for approved expenses unless ALL necessary receipts have been uploaded. Additionally, this form will ask you to complete a post-event assessment. This will provide us with valuable information on the impact of student organization events and will aid in future event funding decisions. 

    IMPORTANT: If the Post-Event Report is not completed within 30 days following the event, your organization will forfeit all allocated funding.

Serving On The Board

If you are interested in serving as a student representative on the Event Funding Board, you can find more information on that opportunity HERE.



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