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Corporate Entities

In order to better assist student organizations that have a need to contact corporate representatives, current contact information can be requested from the ISU Foundation using this form. Some examples of when this form should be submitted include: requesting sponsorship support from local or national organizations, seeking items to give away at an event, or soliciting funds for any purpose. Completed forms can be submitted to the address listed on the form through email or campus mail. To help student organizations better understand this process, the Iowa State University Foundation has put together a Help Sheet that they encourage student organizations to review before submitting a form.

Event Funding Board

The Event Funding Board is an avenue for student organizations to request additional funding to support their upcoming events. Funding priority will be given to events that are brand new, have been significantly enhanced from previous years, attract a broad student body audience, or are being planned by multiple collaborating student organizations.


To assist you and your organization with fundraising efforts, Student Engagement has come up with a list of Ames area businesses that provide fundraising opportunities for student organizations.

Member Dues

Student organizations may elect to charge their members a fee for joining and participating in the activities of the group.  This service fee is commonly referred to as dues.  The price of membership dues are different for each organization and have different payment schedules.  Contact organization officers for the most accurate information.

Multicultural Student Leadership Council

MSLC assists student organizations in making efforts to promote cultural diversity, encourage collaboration and respect, and building unity through events.

Student Government

The Student Government Finance Committee meets with student organizations who are requesting funds, amends requests, and issues recommendations to the Senate. Funding details and criteria information can be found by visiting the Student Government Finance webpage.

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