Student Engagement

Event Authorization and Planning

Event Authorization

Any organization planning an event that is open to the public must go through the Event Authorization process. Find out more about the process and procedure to help your event become a success.

Event Planning FAQs

If you are planning an event, check out these frequently asked questions to assist in the idea and planning processes.

Marketing Your Event

Several resources are available for student organizations to market their events.  Find marketing tools and ideas, as well as ways to access those resources through the Memorial Union and across campus.

Reserving Space on Campus

If you are hosting a meeting, event, or activity for your organization on campus, find out what indoor and outdoor spaces you are able to reserve and how to do so.

Risk Management

Risk Management is the process of considering the potential and perceived risk in your events and activities. Learn about resources to help assess and minimize risk for your student organization.

Waste Minimization

In support of the University's Strategic Plan for Sustainability in Operations, student organizations are encouraged to consider ways to reduce waste as they plan events. Facilities Planning and Management offers a Zero Waste Event Toolkit as a resource. 



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