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Crime Reporting: Responsibilities of Advisers

The Clery Act:  The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”), 20 USC 1092(f)), is a federal law requiring colleges and universities to disclose to the U.S. Department of Education statistics regarding specific crimes occurring on or near campus property. The Clery Act is enforced by the U.S. Department of Education.  It is this law that requires our annual crime statistics to be published by October 1st each year.  Employees and students receive these statistics in our annual security report, Safety & You, from ISU Police.

Campus Security Authority (CSA):  Student Organization Advisers are crucial to ISU’s mission of complying with the Clery Act.  The statistics required by the Clery Act are gathered from law enforcement and ISU community members who have “significant responsibility for student and campus activities.”  The Clery Act labels these individuals as “Campus Security Authorities.”  Advisers to ISU student organizations have significant responsibility for student and campus activities.  Therefore, they are a Campus Security Authority (CSA) under the Clery Act and are required to participate in gathering crime statistics for Iowa State University.

ISU Clery ACT CSA Training Course: 

To access the online ISU Clery Act CSA Training Course:

  •        Navigate to Learn@ISU

  •        Login on the upper left-hand side, using your ISU username and password.

  •        Select “Course Catalog” from the menu on the left-hand side.

  •        Scroll down to the Online training section, and find the catalog for Office of University Counsel

  •        The course is titled “Office of University Counsel – Clery Act Training”, click “Launch” next to the course title

  •        You will need to disable any pop-up blockers to view the course

Upon completion of this ISU CSA training course, advisers will have the information necessary to fulfill your obligations as a CSA.

CSA Responsibilities: While acting in the role as a CSA, adviser participation is required to insure the crime statistics reported by ISU Police to the Department of Education are accurate.  Advisers should follow these guidelines in the event a crime is reported to them:

  • Tell the reporting person that they are not a confidential resource. Inform them you must pass on information regarding the crime to University authorities. If the person reporting a crime wants to make a confidential report, that person should be referred to professionals who are required by law to keep such information confidential, such as physicians, mental health counselors or lawyers as identified in the ISU Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Involving Students Policy.

  • Listen carefully to the reporting person, taking care to note the date, location and nature of the crime.

  • If applicable, help the reporting person find the appropriate on-campus and off-campus resources relating to the crime being reported.

  • Access the CSA Crime Report Form, including its Instructions and Definitions found on the ISU Student Activities website.

  • Follow the instructions in completing and submitting the CSA Crime Report Form for each crime reported to you. If you have any questions as to whether or not an incident is a Clery Act crime, please complete and submit the form as best you can. ISU Police will make the final determination regarding the classification of any crimes.

Questions?  If advisers have any questions regarding their role as a CSA under the Clery Act, ISU’s process for complying with Clery Act mandates, or reporting crimes, they should contact Keith Bystrom, Office of University Counsel, or Deb Larkin, ISU Police, by e-mailing


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