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Schedule, Map and Tickets


Cyclone Carnival is Saturday, April 14 from 10 AM-5 PM in lot C6 across from Jack Trice Stadium. 

All activities will be operating from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM except the performances. The performances will run on their own schedule, which is posted below.

Performance Time Student Organization Performance Description

10:30 AM

ISU Winter Guard

We are a group of talented students that combine different elements of color guard-flag, dance, and rifle, to create a spectacular and artistic show.

11:00 AM

ISU Line Dancing

Line dances to a mash up of your favorite country songs.

12:00 PM


We will be doing HBCU majorette style dancing, we are an all girls dance team that promotes sisterhood and dance awareness.

12:30 PM

Iowa State Stand Up Comedy

We would bring down a group of student comedians to run stand up comedy sets. For an event of this nature, we'd only allow comics that are able to run clean comedy. The number of comics we bring down depends on how much time we are allocated. The Iowa State Stand Up Comedy Club is a group of students what work to write, edit, and perform original stand up comedy routines. For Cyclone Carnival we'll bring out a group of experienced student comedians who have done numerous shows all over Ames and Central Iowa.

1:00 PM

Live Yoga Live Life

We will be doing musical mantra meditation. It is an ancient meditation practice done to calm down the mind by letting it focus on the sound vibration of the chants. Its done in call and response fashion. A lead singer sings the chant and everyone responds by singing in chorus while meditating on the sound vibration. We would be using three types of musical instruments - harmonium, hand cymbals and drum.

2:00 PM

ISU Line Dancing

Line dances to a mash up of your favorite country songs.

3:00 PM

Mariachi Los Amigos de ISU

Mariachi Los Amigos de ISU is an organization that plays folk music from Mexico. A mariachi consists of various instruments including but not limiting to: violins, violas, guitars, a guitarron, and vihuelas . Through music, this organization hopes to teach and spread the beauty of traditional Mexican music and culture.

4:00 PM

Descarga Latin Dance 

Our performance will be between 4-5 minutes and feature a bachata dance which is a traditional Latin American dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. We will have two performers dancing to a remix of Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons. Two members of Descarga Latin Dance Club's performance team will be presenting bachata, a Latin American partner dance. The dance originated in the Dominican Republic and is danced to a style of music also called bachata. The song for today's performance is Whatever it Takes (Bachata Remix) by DJ Piolo and Imagine Dragons.

4:30 PM

Grandma Mojos Moonshine Revival

Improv comedy show that emphasizes audience involvement. We fit our show to any length of time. We are looking to have a table and field audience suggestions before our show, so if it's possible to have our show later in the day that would be awesome. Grandma Mojo's Moonshine Revival is an improv comedy troupe that is fueled entirely by the suggestions of the audience. Stop by for a comedy show made by YOU!












Tickets will be used in lieu of cash during most activities at the event. To purchase items and participate in the student organization sales tent, family activities tent and carnival ride, you must have tickets. Attendees can purchase tickets from the Ticket Tent. One ticket will equal one dollar. Food vendors will sell their products at their own discretion. 

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