Student Engagement

Family Activities

Our goal is to create a fun, interactive, and welcoming environment for families at Cyclone Carnival. Bring your crafty kids to partake in any of the following activities!

Balloon Artist

Silly Sally will be creating balloon art from 10 AM-5 PM. Stop on by to request your favorite animal!

Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Body Creations will be on site from 10 AM-5 PM to provide airbrush tattoos with a stencil of your choosing!

Create a Tile

We will provide an assortment of markers, stencils, and small porcelain tiles as a canvas! Take some time to create a memory that lasts long after Cyclone Carnival!

Make your own Button

Come on by to draw a picture to capture a memory of Cyclone Carnival. Once done, make it into a button you can wear!


Sponsored by Iowa State Athletics' Junior Cyclone Club

Bounce House

Football Toss

Basketball Shooting

Student Organization and Department Activities

Insect Zoo: Department of Entomology

Get hands-on and buggie with the Iowa State University Insect Zoo. Our display will feature more than 70 species of insects, tarantulas, millipedes and more! There will be many hands-on opportunities and lots of information shared on these wonderful creatures.

Ducks for a Difference: Dance Marathon

Swing by to take a chance on Dance Marathon's dunk tank! Keep an eye out for the floating lucky ducks to increase your chance to win an awesome prize!

Fish Bowl: Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

Throwback to your childhood and play a classic carnival game: Fish Bowl! Win prizes, such as food or a t-shirt, and get a temporary tattoo!

Bozo Buckets: SAVMA Auxiliary

Six buckets will be placed in a vertical line. You will win prizes based upon how far up the line they can trow a ping-pong ball into a bucket without missing!

Face Painting: SAVMA Auxiliary

Stop by to get your face painted!

Fish Cup: Freshmen Council

Our game will feature multiple cups filled water, some have fish inside. If you can land a ping-pong ball in one of the fish cups, you will win a prize!

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