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Spring ClubFest Policies

Spring ClubFest participants will be responsible for reading and following the policies listed below. Any student organization who fails to comply with these policies will receive a verbal warning from Memorial Union or Student Engagement Staff.  If the student organization disobeys a verbal warning or is a repeat offender, the organization may be asked to leave.  If behavior warrants, the organization may forfeit privileges or lose official university recognition. Violation of Spring ClubFest policies may also affect the student organization's ability to participate in future ClubFest events.

Please review all of the following policies before registering for the event. Email with any questions.

Prior to ClubFest:

  • Print Deadline: In order to be included on the printed maps that are handed out during ClubFest, your organization's registration must be received by Friday, Jan. 19, at the latest.

  • Tables: To accommodate as many organizations as possible, registered and affiliated student organizations will be assigned to one-half of a six-foot table. Sponsored student organizations will be assigned to a full six-foot table.

  • Display Items/Props:  Student organizations are allowed to bring display items that fit neatly on top of their display table. If you would like to bring larger items that will not fit on top of your display table you will need to obtain written permission to bring the item by 5:00pm on the Friday before the event. Contact and provide a description of the item (including its dimensions) along with your rationale for wanting to bring it. If you have not received written approval to display a larger item, do not bring it to ClubFest, as you will be asked to take it away from the event.

  • Electricity: Electricity is limited and you must note whether or not you need it on your registration form. If you requested electricity and we cannot provide it, you will be notified. You must provide your own extension cords.

  • Demonstrations and Activities: Demonstrations are not allowed at ClubFest. Participant activities that may require additional safety measures, training, or waivers are not allowed at ClubFest. Organizations must communicate with in advance to have the activity approved.

  • Decorations: Latex balloons are prohibited for your display as some of our guests and/or student organization members may be allergic to them.  Clubs are not allowed to adhere anything to the walls, tables, or floor in the Memorial Union. Fun displays which fit within the 3 to 6 feet space are welcome as long as they are on your display or table (not on the floor in front of, next to, or around your table).

  • Giveaways: Only pre-packaged food items (candy, granola bars, etc.) and other non-edible items will be allowed to be distributed at ClubFest.

  • Animals: Animals are not permitted at this event unless it is your personal service animal.

  • Metal/Wooden Structures: You are not permitted to bring any metal or wooden structures that obstruct participants view or impede pedestrian traffic.  These items are a safety hazard and are not permitted by the Fire Marshall since we will be at room capacity for the event.

  • Easels & Boards: There are a limited number of easels. These will be available on a first come, first served basis the day of the event.

Day of Event:

  • Check-In: All student organizations must officially check-in with a representative from Student Engagement prior to setting up.  When you arrive at the Memorial Union, go to the West Lobby of the MU and check-in with Student Engagement staff. There, you will receive your table assignment number and a staff member can answer any questions you may have. You may start setting up your display at 9:30am Unfortunately, you will not be able to enter the ballrooms prior to this time.‚Äč

  • Arrival Time: Arrive between 9:30am-10:30am on the day that you have signed up to participate.  You must be checked in by 10:30am to avoid losing your spot.  ClubFest starts promptly at 11:00 am.  Be prepared to staff your display at 11:00am as there is always a high volume of traffic. 

  • Tear Down: Schedule one or two people to tear down your display and return equipment promptly at 4:00pm. Everything needs to be removed that day by 4:30 pm.  Place any debris from your area neatly in trash bins.

  • Staffing the table: You must have representation at your table at the beginning and the end at the very least. Student Engagement is not responsible for your items left during or after ClubFest. Organizations assigned a space inside the Memorial Union may have up to a total of two members staff their table at any given time during the event. Student organization representatives must remain at their table during the event. Soliciting or distributing literature anywhere else at the event or throughout the Memorial Union, besides the organization's assigned table, is prohibited.

Strict Compliance

  • Failure to Comply: Any student organization that fails to comply with ClubFest Policies will receive a verbal warning from Student Engagement staff. If the student organization disobeys a verbal warning or is a repeat offender, the organization may be asked to leave. Violation of ClubFest policies may also affect the student organization’s ability to participate in future ClubFests.

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