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Spring ClubFest Participating Organizations


Location Table Organization
GH 94-B AA Stand Up Comedy Club
GH 78-B Acacia Fraternity
GH 51-B Actuarial Science Club/Gamma Iota Sigma
GH 11-B Adventist Christian Fellowship
GH 56-B Advertising Club
GH 17-B Africa Learning and Evolving Community
GH 19-A African Students Association
GH 60-A AfterDark
GH 13-B Al Éxito Collegiate
GH 20-B Alliance for Disability Awareness
GH 24-B Alpha Kappa Psi
GH 91-A Alpha Omega
GH 36-B Alpha Omicron Pi
GH 15-B Alpha Phi Omega
GH 9-B Alpha Sigma Kappa: Women in Technical Studies
GH 99-A American Cancer Society On Campus
GH 51-A American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
GH 44-A Ames Anime Club
GH 98-B Ames Campus Lions Club
GH 86-B Ames Collegiate Chess Club
GH 85-B Ames Furry Club
GH 69-A Antique Tractor Club
GH 22-B Army ROTC
GH 25-A Asexual Aromantic Alliance
GH 54-B Asian Student Union
GH 65-B Automotive Education Club
GH 88-A Badminton Club
GH 87-A Baking Club
GH 21-A Be The Match On Campus
GH 56-A Bhangra Dance Club
GH 88-B Billiards Club
GH 65-A BioBus
GH 20-A Biological Sciences Club
GH 93-B Biomedical Engineering Society
GH 45-A Block and Bridle
GH 55-A Blood Drive
GH 28-A Bowling Club
GH 50-A Boxing Club
GH 96-A BRICS (Building Relationships in Christ Soteria)
GH 106-A Bridges International
GH 18-B Campus Christian Fellowship
GH 57-B Campus Service Council
GH 66-B Cardinal and Gold
GH 19-B Cardinal Space Mining Club
GH 70-A Cardinal Swing Society
GH 41-A Cardinal Tap Club
GH 83-A Chabad Jewish Student Life
GH 103-A Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
GH 84-A Chi Phi
GH 73-A Chinese Language Club
GH 90-A College Democrats
GH 69-B College of Design Art Club
GH 81-A College Republicans
GH 52-A Collegiate 4-H
GH 63-A Collegiate Panhellenic Council
GH 70-B Collegiate Women in Business
GH 27-B Communication Disorders Club
GH 76-B Computer Science and Software Engineering Club
GH 44-B Conservation Club
GH 100-B Consulting Club
GH 98-A Controlled Environments Club
GH 91-B Cornhole Club
GH 14-A Cosplay Club
GH 80-A Dairy Science Club
GH 3-B Dance Marathon
GH 55-B Data Science Club
GH 92-A Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
GH 107-B Delta Sigma Phi
GH 81-B Delta Sigma Pi
GH 21-B Digital Women
GH 100-A Disc Golf Club
GH 24-A DubH
GH 67-A Ducks Unlimited
GH 37-A Egyptian Students Association
GH 59-A Engineering Student Council
GH 102-B Engineers for a Sustainable World
GH 49-A Engineers Without Borders
GH 74-A Entrepreneur Club
GH 74-B Entrepreneurial Product Development Club
GH 34-B Environmental Education Club
GH 29-B Environmental Science Club
GH 76-A Equestrian Club - Hunt Team
GH 95-A Fencing Club
GH 58-B Film and Media Production Association
GH 33-A Finance Club
GH 57-A First-Year Council
GH 68-A Fishing Club
GH 104-A Future Business Leaders of America Collegiate
GH 36-A Game Development Club
GH 48-A Gaming and Esports Club
GH 32-B Gamma Rho Lambda - Omicron Chapter
GH 85-A Genetics Club
GH 14-B Good Earth Student Farm
GH 42-B Graduate Society of Women Engineers
GH 107-A Grandma Mojo's Moonshine Revival
GH 47-A Graphic Design Student Association (GDSA)
GH 53-B Greenlee School TV
GH 38-A Guild of Boardgamers and Roleplayers
GH 7-B Habitat for Humanity Student Chapter
GH 17-A Hackathon Club
GH 2-A Hockey Club (Women)
GH 89-A Horizon Builders Club
GH 41-B Horticulture Club
GH 22-A IAAS - International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences
GH 99-B IMPACT (Innovators Making Positive Advances in Creative Technologies)
GH 82-B Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA) Club
GH 77-B Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
GH 97-B Interior Design Student Association
GH 10-B International Family
GH 42-A International Student Ambassadors Club
GH 62-A International Student Council
GH 61-A Inter-Residence Hall Association
GH 7-A Investment Group
GH 37-B ISD Media Group
GH 9-A Japanese Association
GH 108-A Jubilee Gospel Choir
GH 39-B Kairos Students
GH 27-A Kendo Club
GH 15-A KURE 88.5 FM Ames Alternative
GH 102-A Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated
GH 18-A Landscape Club
GH 48-B Latinx Student initiatives
GH 26-A Letters of Love
GH 46-A Linguistics Club
GH 95-B Marine Biology Club
GH 75-A Martial Arts Club
GH 49-B Material Advantage
GH 26-B Motion Sickness Dance Team
GH 30-A Mountain Bike Club
GH 108-B Mountaineering and Climbing Club
GH 13-A Multicultural Business Network
GH 90-B Muslim Student Association
GH 64-A National Alliance on Mental Illness On Campus
GH 71-A National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
GH 6-A National Pan-Hellenic Council
GH 64-B National Society of Black Engineers
GH 1-A New Student Programs Student Organization
GH 11-A No Re-Choir-Ment A Cappella
GH 67-B Orchesis II Dance Club
GH 93-A Orthodox Christian Fellowship
GH 12-B Pay It Forward
GH 33-B Peterson Squadron
GH 45-B Phi Kappa Theta
GH 16-B Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
GH 87-B Philosophy Club
GH 104-B Pickleball Club
GH 72-B Polish Heritage Club
GH 58-A Pop-Up Shop Student Volunteers
GH 12-A Pre-Medical Club
GH 39-A Public Relations Student Society of America
GH 66-A Quiz Bowl Club
GH 103-B Real Estate Development Club
GH 53-A Rugby Club (Men)
GH 32-A Running Club
GH 71-B Sales Engineering Club
GH 46-B Secular Student Alliance (previously Atheist and Agnostic Society)
GH 82-A SGI-USA Buddhism for Peace
GH 47-B Silver Wings: O'Neil Chapter
GH 8-B Sketch
GH 94-A Skydivers
GH 101-A Soccer Club (Women)
GH 40-A Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
GH 40-B Society of Chemistry Undergraduate Majors (SCUM)
GH 10-A Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
GH 50-B Society of International Engineers
GH 80-B Society of Women Engineers
GH 89-B Sociology Club
GH 72-A Softball Club (Women)
GH 31-B Solar Car
GH 54-A Student Carillonneur Leadership Council
GH 38-B Student Dietetic Association
GH 4-A Student Government
GH 35-A Student Organization for FIRST
GH 78-A Student Subunit of the Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
GH 5-A Student Union Board
GH 25-B Students For a Better Ballot
GH 75-B Students for Life
GH 92-B Students for Open Discussion
GH 77-A Students for Salt
GH 3-A Students Helping Our Peers
GH 106-B Students Helping Rescue Animals
GH 29-A Tango Social Club
GH 35-B The Automotive Design Club
GH 79-A The Country Swing Club
GH 16-A The Engineering Ambassador and Mentor Program
GH 28-B The Pride Alliance
GH 34-A The Stormettes Dance Line
GH 86-A The Vine at Collegiate Presbyterian Church
GH 43-B Think Big HQ
GH 79-B Thomistic Institute
GH 23-A Tri Iota Women and Gender Studies Honor Society
GH 68-B Triangle Fraternity
GH 73-B Triathlon Club
GH 97-A Turning Point USA
GH 83-B Ultimate Frisbee Club (Men)
GH 105-B Ultimate Frisbee Club (Women)
GH 101-B Veterinarians Without Borders
GH 52-B Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
GH 23-B Vine and Wine Club
GH 105-A Wall Street Club
GH 31-A Water Professionals Student Chapter
GH 30-B Water Ski Club
GH 84-B Web Development Club
GH 2-B West Coast Swing Dance Club
GH 8-A Wild Animals Club: WAC
GH 43-A Womxn of Colour Network
GH 96-B Writers' Guild
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