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Newsline, August 8, 2018

ClubFest Registration Now Open!

Registration for the Fall 2018 ClubFest is now open. Please have only one person from your organization submit the registration form. Booth assignments will be made in the order that registrations are received. Join us on Central Campus, September 5, from 11am-4pm! The registration form is available HERE.

Updated Trademark Guidelines for Student Organizations

The Guidelines for University Trademark Use by Student and Campus Organizations have been updated and streamlined to ensure consistency in use among organizations, to better identify recognized student and campus organizations' relationship to the university, and to remove subjectivity from the Trademark Licensing Office's review process. The revised guidelines took effect August 1, 2018. 

A New Design Review Process

  • Only officers and advisers listed in the Student Organization Database can complete the Internal Trademark Request Form.

  • Organizations' advisers will now receive organizations' designs for review and approval prior to final Trademark Licensing review.

  • Trademark Licensing will then review student organizations' designs for compliance with the student use guidelines.

For more information go to the Trademark Licensing Office website or email

You're Invited to the Presidential Installation Celebration

On Friday, September 21, in Stephens Auditorium, President Wendy Wintersteen will be installed as the 16th President of Iowa State University. As a student organization officer, you are invited to participate in the Presidential Installation Celebration. As a leader on campus, you have the opportunity to represent the entire student body; specifically, the hundreds of clubs and student organizations on Iowa State's campus. Participating students will take part in the processional, and be seated among the representatives of the faculty, learned societies, and Iowa colleges and universities. The total time commitment for the day will be from 9:15-11:45 AM. If you are interested in serving as an official student delegate for your club or organization, please sign up HERE

Proudly represent your club or organization in this historic celebration!

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