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Newsline | April 26, 2023

Update Your Officers in the Student Organization Database

If your student organization has recently transitioned the President, Treasurer, Advisor, or any other officer positions, remember to update them in the Student Organization Database! Now is also a great time to update your roster of members, adding new members and removing those graduating!


Also, remember to check out and take advantage of all the features in the database, including:


  • Customizable website navigation menu, customizable footers, and page editor toolbar.
  • More user-friendly tools for organization management.
  • Streamlined processes for recognition and compliance agreement.
  • And more!



And don't forget that all organization members will be prompted to re-acknowledge their membership every six months. Organizations can start this process anytime, but it's recommended that it be completed before the end of this semester so members are not removed over the summer.


If you any questions, email

Advertise Your Organization in the Get Involved Booklet

Looking for a great way to advertise your student org? Advertise in Student Engagement's Get Involved Booklet!


Copies of the booklet are handed out at Fall ClubFest, all Experience Iowa State Days, and are available across campus and residence halls. As an advertiser, you will reach thousands of students seeking ways to get involved, meet new people, and make their ISU experience meaningful. 


Ad Space Request Forms are due by Friday, April 28. Submit one today!

Congratulations to the Student Organization Awards Winners!

Outstanding Commitment to Service Award 

Pakistan Student Association


Outstanding Commitment to Diversity Award

Fashion and Justice


Outstanding Event of the Year Award

Stacks for Stead, Dance Marathon


Outstanding Advisor of the Year Award

Ashfaq Khokhar, Pakistan Student Association


Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award

Jenny Beatty, Alpha Phi Sigma


Resources and Opportunities for Organizations and Officers

Preserve Your Organization's History with University Archives

Student organizations play an important role in college life and have a lasting impact on the University. Because of the nature of being a student sees you leave after graduating, much of the history of an organization can be lost or forgotten over time. The Iowa State University Archives invites student organizations to partner with us to help preserve your organization’s history, including especially its creation, development, priorities, and activities.  

We value the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. All organizations are welcome and part of the ISU legacy. We particularly welcome organizations of minoritized groups and activists who have often been left out, erased, or otherwise lack a sense of belonging in archives.  

For more information on how to participate, please contact Rebecca Wells, University Archivist, at

Grow your organization with Destination Iowa State!

Destination Iowa State has two opportunities for you to grow your organization and leadership skills. Destination Iowa State, August 17-19, 2023, is three days of high-impact programming for new to Iowa State undergraduate students to help them transition to the university.

Your organization can get involved is through the Center of ExCYtement picnic on Thursday, August 17th. This is an opportunity to showcase your registered organization and engage with over 4,000 excited new students. More information can be found within the application here. Preference will be given to organizations that submit before May 13th, 2023.

Your organization also has an opportunity to develop individual leadership skills and talk more in-depth about your organization by having members apply and serve as Team Leaders. These students will help DIS participants navigate the three-day event, mentoring and welcoming them into Cyclone Nation. Applications for Team Leaders can be found here.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Jordan Baumgardner, Assistant Director for Destination Iowa State, at or 515-294-5714.

Insurance Protection for Student Organizations

To appropriately cover insurance costs that are unique to Student Organization vehicle usage, Transportation Services has begun billing a nominal $10 fee per vehicle (per calendar day) for Student Org trips.  As these unique student opportunities are not covered under the fleet Insurance program, this line item will recover the expense to properly protect our University and students. 


Event Authorization Reminders

As a reminder, if you are planning an event that you want to promote to non-club members or the general public, you will need to complete the University Event Authorization process. You can find more information on Event Authorization HERE and in the University Event Authorization training available in the Student Organization Database.

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