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Newsline | December 1, 2021

Save the Date for Social Justice Summit!

The Social Justice Summit, now in its eleventh year, is an event designed for ISU students aimed at developing advocates and activists and promotes critical questioning and relevant actions while providing avenues for addressing global injustice. This day-long workshop will give you the chance to learn more about yourself, engage in discussion with other students on a variety of issues, and create strategies for implementing social change!

Social Justice Summit: Our Voices, Our Communities (Counter Story-Telling and Its Importance) will be held Saturday, January 29, 2022 from 10am-3:30pm.

Go HERE to register!

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Advertise Your Student Organization in the Get Involved Booklet!

Looking for a great way to advertise your student org? Advertise in Student Engagement's Get Involved Booklet!


Copies of the booklet are handed out at Spring ClubFest and mailed to residence halls. As an advertiser, you will reach thousands of students seeking ways to get involved, meet new people, and make their own ISU experience a meaningful one. 


Ad Space Request Forms are due by Friday, December 10. Submit one today!

Get Ready for Spring ClubFest!

Save the Date: 2022 Spring ClubFest

Wednesday, January 26 | 11:00am - 4:00pm | Great Hall, MU | Free

Spring ClubFest is a great opportunity for you to highlight your club and recruit new members as we begin the spring semester.

Club Registration will open Wednesday, January 12 at 10:00am.

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Resources and Opportunities for Organizations and Officers

Expand Your Leadership By Taking a Leadership Studies Course

Are you looking for ways to turn your passions into meaningful actions? Then, consider joining the Leadership ISU Learning Community for LD ST 291A (Section 2) in the spring semester! This course prepares emerging leaders to be meaningful change agents on campus and in their communities. By taking Leading Change, you will learn about the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and Servant Leadership, explore more than ten ways to work toward social change and engage in meaningful community service. From advocacy to philanthropy to civic engagement, there are many ways for you to prepare for social change.

Leadership ISU (LISU) is open to all students from all majors. It offers a unique opportunity to build community, learn together, and be part of an exciting partnership between the Leadership Studies Program and the MU Leadership and Service Programs team. All students who enroll in LD ST 291A (Section 2) are considered a part of LISU. Already in a Learning Community? That’s okay - you can be in more than one and enjoy all the same benefits plus opportunities unique to Leadership ISU! Ready to Amplify Your Degree? This course also counts as elective credit toward the Leadership Studies Minor or Certificate. You can learn more about these opportunities here: 

Seats are limited, so take advantage of your spring-only opportunity to become a better change maker and leader! Questions? Email Dr. KP Williams at

Renovations in the Student Engagement Office

The Student Engagement Office (ESOS) and the West Student Office Space (WSOS) will be closed for renovations beginning Wednesday, December 8, 2021 and will continue until mid-January. Due to these renovations, student organizations will not have regular access to storage space and/or office resources. 

Student Engagement staff will be available to provide assistance during this time period, but response times may be impacted. 

Should you need anything, please contact

Prep Week/Finals Week Exception Process for Student Org Meetings/Events

Per the Prep Week and Finals Week Resolution from the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost, student organizations may not hold any meetings, functions, or sponsored events during the Prep Week and Finals Week period without seeking an exception in advance. To seek an exception, student organizations should submit their regular meetings or events that occur during that time to the University Event Authorization system where Student Engagement staff will review the submission and determine if an exception can be granted.

If you have never submitted to the University Event Authorization system before, a training is available in the Student Organization Database. Questions regarding the Prep Week and Finals Week Exception process can be directed to

Updated Room Scheduling Guidelines for Classroom Spaces

Room Scheduling has updated their guidelines for General University Classrooms ( Updates include:

  • Trash from your event must be carried out to a dumpster, including pizza boxes and any other food related product

  • New for Fall 2021: Tables/surfaces must be wiped down after serving food

    • Cleaning products must be provided by the user, we recommend soapy water or disinfectant spray/wipes be used

  • Classroom seating must be in classroom ready status at the conclusion of your event

    • Even if the room was “found that way”, staff relies on each event in the classroom, courses included, to maintain the classroom ready status for the rooms for the next event

    • If a room is found in a poor condition, it is up to the organization to report it at the time of the event. Photos of the room are encouraged to demonstrate the issue.

  • Cleaning and reset fees start at $75, and are a minimum of $75/hour for cleaning thereafter.

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Support for Your Adventure

As a student leader, you play an important role in helping your peers and members of your organization feel connected and supported. Iowa State has a variety of resources available to support students’ mental health, wellness and personal safety.

Encourage your members to bookmark this website: and take advantage of the services available to all students.

And follow @IAStateSA on Twitter and Instagram for tips and advice throughout the year.

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