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Lynn Fuhrer Lodge


  • Fill out the reservation form to reserve the lodge for your recognized student organization, ISU department, or public group.

  • Recognized Student Organizations must also fill out the Event Authorization Form and receive approval before a reservation will be confirmed.

  • Please check the Lodge Reservation Calendar for available dates prior to submitting your reservation request.

  • Reservations should be made at least 72 hours in advance.

  • Max occupancy for this space is 40 people.

  • Only one group may use the lodge in a single day, with preference going to student organizations.

  • The lodge is intended to host organizational retreats or business meetings and may not be reserved for personal use or for events that are primarily social in nature.

  • Each group may use the lodge a maximum of once per week.

  • All reservations must be a minimum of 3 hours to use the lodge.

  • Once your reservation is confirmed, you will pick up the keys and access information from the Student Engagement office in the Memorial Union (across from Panda Express). Lost keys and/or proximity cards will result in a $75 fine.

  • All keys and access cards must be returned to the Student Engagement office in the Memorial Union no later than 5PM on the next business day following the reservation.


  • Monday - Friday | 8AM - 8PM

  • Saturday - Sunday | 9AM - 9PM

Costs and Fees

  • Beginning July 1, 2022, the following rental fees for use of the Lynn Fuhrer Lodge will apply:

    • $35 for recognized student organizations

    • $100 for university departments

    • $350 for public rentals

  • Additional fees may be applied after your reservation if the usage guidelines are not adhered to:

    • $50 for failure to clean

    • $75 for lost keys and/or proximity cards

    • $100 for not abiding by all usage or reservation guidelines (may result in loss of future access to use the lodge as well)


  • 7 rolling tables (30" x 72")

  • 40 chairs

  • 2 single seat soft chairs

  • 2 microwaves

  • Refrigerator

  • Kitchen sink

  • Kitchen does not include a stove, coffee maker, dishes or utensils

  • Audio Visual cabinet with projector and screen

  • Basic cleaning supplies

  • 2 single person bathrooms

  • Central air conditioning

  • Outside fire pit or indoor fireplace are not available for use

  • WiFi is available inside the lodge

Usage Guidelines

  • Groups that use the lodge will be responsible for cleaning up any food and beverages at the end of their event or meeting.

  • Groups must take trash with them after use of the lodge. Failure to clean up would result in a $50 fine.

  • Groups may alter the room set but it must be returned to the original configuration before leaving.

  • Approved food vendor or caterers are preferred, alcohol is not permitted

  • The lodge is under 24 hour surveillance and has a full alarm system connected to ISU.

  • There is parking for only 6 vehicles by the lodge (2 handicap stalls directly in front) and an additional 4 vehicles off of Scholl Road. It is expected that participants car pool. Only able-bodied individuals can make it to the lodge from the parking lot off of Scholl Road.

  • The fireplace in the lodge is decorative only and may not be used.

  • Not abiding by the usage or reservation guidelines will result in a minimum $100 fine and loss of future access to use the lodge.

Directions to the Lodge

  • Ontario to Scholl Road, then turn right

  • Scholl Road to Kingman Road, swing south, then turn left

  • Go straight north, proceed across Amherst Drive

  • Enter through the gate between the houses

  • Once through the gate, the unpaved lane turns right (east) and then left (north) leading to the lodge

  • There is paved parking to the right of the lane just before the lodge

  • Do NOT use Minnesota Avenue to get to the lodge

Note: Minnesota Avenue is a narrow, steep road intended only for local residential traffic. Scholl Road is one block west of Minnesota Avenue and offers a more direct path to the lodge parking areas.

‚ÄčDirections to the Additional Parking Area

  • Ontario to Scholl Road

  • Take the first right after Kingman Road

  • At the opening continue straight to parking lot

  • The lodge is a brief 5 minute hike through the woods

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