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Verifier Walkthrough

Getting Started

Log in to the Co-Curricular Transcript at using your ISU NetID and Password.

The “Requests” tab under “Verifier Tools” will show any pending requests for the department(s) you manage. These requests include Entry Verification Requests as well as Verifier Access Requests. You can filter requests by department using the “Department” drop down menu in the upper right corner.

Requesting Department Creation

Click the “Departments” tab under “Verifier Tools”.

If your department has not yet been created, click the green “Request Department Creation” button.

Browse the list of Existing Departments to ensure that your department has not already been created. If it has, click “Cancel”. If not, proceed to complete the form indicating your Department Name and Request Details. Then, click the blue “Request Creation” button.

Pending Department Creation Requests can be seen on the “Departments” tab until an action is taken by the CCT system administrator.

Requesting Verifier Access

If your department has been created and appears in the “All Departments” list and you need to be added as a verifier, click the blue “Request Verifier Access” button on the "Departments" tab under "Verifier Tools".

Select the department you would like access to from the drop down and indicate Request Details. Then, click the blue “Request Access” button.

Pending Verifier Access Requests can be seen on the “Departments” tab until an action is taken by the department you are requesting verifier access to.

Creating Verified Entries

Once you have been granted verifier access to your department, you may begin adding verified entries by clicking the “Verified Entries” tab under “Verifier Tools”.

To create a verified entry, click the green “+Create Verified Entry” button.

Complete the form with the entry’s details. Lists of NetIDs or emails can be copied from a word document or excel workbook and pasted into the “Add Students” field for each role. Clicking the green “Add Participant Role” button will allow you to add additional roles to the entry (Example: Title: Leadership Conference, Roles: Participant, Workshop Presenter, Conference Coordinator, etc.). Once complete, click the blue “Submit” button.

All of the entries verified by your department can be edited or archived at any time. Edits made to the entry will be reflected for all students included in the entry on all of their current and future transcript drafts. Archiving an entry will remove it from students’ available entries. It will no longer be able to be added to a transcript. 

Email Notification Preferences

Email notifications from the system can be managed on the “Profile” tab under “Verifier Tools”. You can select the frequency that you would like to receive emails by clicking the radio button next to your preference for your department(s). 

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