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Verifiers Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)?

Meant to complement their academic transcript, the CCT will provide Iowa State students an online tool to create customizable and personalized transcripts capturing their involvement, experiences, and achievements. The CCT can be used when applying for jobs, internships, graduate school, scholarships, ‚Äčand more.

How does the CCT benefit my department (or unit) and ISU?

The CCT will be used to track student involvement and achievements. This information can then be used to show correlation between involvement and student success and to support grant applications, Carnegie classification, and other university accreditations.

What entry categories are available when students create a CCT?

Entry categories include: Campus Involvement, Community Service, Honors and Awards, Internships and Study Abroad, Leadership Experience, On Campus Employment, Recreational Activities, Research, Seminars and Workshops, and Student Organizations.

What is a verifier?

Verifiers authenticate experiences and achievements on behalf of an ISU department or unit. The initial verifier must be an Iowa State faculty or staff member. After that, the department may add anyone else within the department with a valid ISU email. This can include administrative staff, graduate assistants, or student employees. Each department or unit will determine internally when an entry deserves to be verified.

How do I manage emails from the CCT system?

Emails can be managed on your profile page. Verifiers can receive email notifications per entry, as a daily digest, a weekly digest, or not at all for each department you have access to as a verifier.

How do I get a new department or unit created?

Faculty and staff may request department or unit creation within the CCT system by choosing Verifier Tools, Departments, Request Department Creation. Once the request is received, CCT system administrators will ensure that the department or unit is legitimate and does not already exist within the system. Departments will not be created for student organizations; however, if your department or unit is affiliated with a recognized student organization, entries for these organizations can be verified by the department or unit. To gain access to an existing department, choose Verifier Tools, Departments, Request Verifier Access.

How do I create a verified entry with the CCT system?

Choose Verifier Tools, Verified Entries, Create Verified Entry. Fill out the form completely and submit. You can create multiple roles within the same entry. For example, if you create an entry related to a leadership conference, the roles could be participant, presenter, or even coordinator.

How do I add a group of students to the same entry?

As a verifier, you can create entries for any entry category and then add a group of ISU emails or netIDs for all students who participated. This entry will then be automatically added to the available entries for students to add to their CCT, saving time for you and your students.

What should I do if I receive a request to verify an entry?

Students can request verification of an entry that they would like to have included on their CCT. They will select an existing department or add an ISU email for an individual they want the request to be sent to. From there, the entry will appear on your task list in the CCT system under Verifier Tools, then Requests. All individuals who have been designated as a verifier for the department will see the pending request.

If the information included in the student’s entry is correct, you may choose to verify the entry. Once the entry is verified, your department controls the entry and you may edit the information as needed. If the entry regards something outside of your department’s purview, or you consider the entry to be erroneous, you should deny the request for verification. Students maintain control of their entries, even if pending verification, unless the entry is accepted by a department. This means they can include it on a CCT. Once published the details are locked in time.

Example Entries

Student Organization Officer and Memberships - Affiliated Department
Community Advisers - Department of Residence
Cyclone Aides - New Student Programs
Learning Community Peer Mentors - Affiliated Department
Dean’s List - Registrar’s Office
Greek Leaders - Sorority and Fraternity Engagement
Student Admissions Representatives - Admissions
Intramurals - Recreation Services
MVP and GWC Scholars - Multicultural Student Affairs
Leadership and Service Programs - Student Engagement
Student Employees – Affiliated Departments

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