Student Engagement


Program Requirements

Participants are required to do the following in order to complete the program:

  • Participate in an introductory orientation session, mid-point reflection, and end of the semester celebration.

  • Communicate with the non-profit mentor to create a weekly schedule at the non-profit agency site.

  • Sign a confidentiality document and/or complete a background check with the host agency (as needed).

  • Complete a weekly meeting with Non-Profit Protégé mentor for the Spring semester.

  • Prepare for weekly meetings with mentor by reviewing discussion questions and/or provided articles.

  • Develop an initiative that will benefit the non-profit agency by increasing awareness, recruiting volunteers, providing resources or donations.

  • Produce a short written reflection of experience that will be shared with mentor.

  • Share a five minute presentation at the celebration event.

Application Requirements & Process

Students must meet the following criteria to be selected for participation:

  • Be a full-time undergraduate student at the Iowa State University in the Spring semester of the program

  • Have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA

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