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Meet the TEDxIowaStateUniversity 2019 Speakers

Sabah Ali

Hometown: Ames, Iowa

“Why You Need to Disconnect to Reconnect”

What if your pain could become your purpose? Sabah Ali answers this question and more, sharing why people suffer from experiences in their past and how it leads them to a disconnect. Sabah offers a solution in why you need to reconnect in order to connect with the world, powerfully conveyed through her story.

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Yoko Ambrosini

Hometown: Yatsushiro, Japan

“One Health: How Dog Gut Health Can Improve Your Well-being”

When you hear Stem Cell research, Bioengineering, or Translational medicine, you might think that this has nothing to do with you, or something too futuristic or foreign. You might think diseases in animals have no connection to your health right now. That barrier will be taken away as we learn our intestinal health impacts our overall health.

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Jeff Brinkley

Hometown: Hampton, Iowa

“Community Partnerships in Police Response to Mental Health”

As law enforcement agencies respond to mental health crisis, it puts the burden of solving the mental health crisis on first responders.  Working with local mental health stakeholders can improve the response and decrease the need for public safety response and intervention.

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Wadood Daoud

Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa

“Eliminating Third World Countries with AI & Optimism”

This talk is aimed at refreshing the conversation around Artificial Intelligence (AI) by empowering individuals to take an optimistic viewpoint into the world of the future, driven by AI. The developing world is entering into a fast-paced technological race behind all the competition. One of the best ways to catch up is for generations to come together with an intelligent, optimistic approach towards AI. Thus, eliminating the "third" in third world countries.

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Mike Giles

Hometown: Creston, Iowa

“Improvising Through Life”

Looking for a way to jumpstart your ingenuity?  Need a new perspective on navigating life? This TEDx talk tackles strategies to practice creative thought through the art of music improvisation.

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Alex Klein

Hometown: Mason City, Iowa

“Next Gen Politics”

Alex D. Klein, a young man who once ran for mayor of his home town, will be discussing the reasons that young people, those under 44, need to get involved in politics directly, by being candidates themselves.  Throughout the talk Alex will cover topics like why there are so few young people in Congress, methods that would increase the number of young candidates, how to run an effective campaign, and why it's so important that young people start running now.  

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Sara Merritt

Hometown: Ames, Iowa

“Finding Body Beauty Through Artistic Expression”

Art saved my life.  Poetry, drawing, and dance helped me change my perception of my body after a deformity in adolescence led to intense anxiety and depression.  By sharing my personal struggles with body image and healing journey through artistic expression, I hope to encourage viewers to explore their own means of expression to define beauty and find their own.

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Jenny Tan

Hometown: Des Plaines, IL

“Rediscovering Your Potential”

This TEDx talk digs into why we see more and more young people settling for the expected and abandoning the exceptional. Everyone has the potential to tap into their inner greatness as long as they can push past their fears and redefine their limits.

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