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10:00 am Welcome (Sun Room)

10:10 am Keynote Speaker: Dr. Toyia Younger (Sun Room)

  • Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Toyia Younger will share some examples of how participants can help lead change toward justice and inclusion. Participants will hear some personal stories from Dr. Younger and think about ways they can help to improve the ISU experience. Participants will learn about ways to get involved and connected with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at Iowa State University.

10:40 am Intention and Goal Setting (Sun Room)

11:00 am Breakout Session: Power and Privilege

  • Beginner: Arnold Woods and Lexi Dant, Sun Room
    • What are power and privilege? How do they relate to social identities and to each other? How can someone begin the task of learning and understanding their own power and privilege? These are the questions we will begin to answer in this interactive session on power and privilege.
  • Intermediate: Shontrea Hogans and Alex Gustafson, South Ballroom
    • Harm towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Communities in order to uphold the power and privilege of Whiteness is a story as old as time. Whiteness in this society has been upheld for generations at the violent cost of BIPOC. In this workshop, Shontrea and Alex will explore the importance of having discussions around power and privilege. They will dive into current examples of power at play and how we as a community can stop the harm being done to BIPOC communities. From the modern day Karen to the historic events of the Civil Rights Movement, Alex and Shontrea will take a creative approach to engaging in some hard topics around power, privilege, and harm. This workshop will leave its attendees with a little more knowledge and some tools to better understand power and privilege in society.
  • Affinity Group Discussions: Oak Room

12:00 pm Lunch (Sun Room)

1:00 pm Breakout Session: Intersectionality

  • Beginner: Jordan Brooks, South Ballroom
    • In this session we will discuss the origins of intersectionality and approaches for participants to apply the framework in a collegiate environment.
  • Intermediate: Luan Nguyen, Oak Room
    • Research has shown that minoritized individuals experience a significant amount of microaggressions. Microaggressions are defined as "the subtle and stunning assaults that people face because of their membership in social groups such as race, gender, and sexual orientation." In other words, these are undeniable acts of racism or sexism that reinforce pathological stereotypes and inequitable social norms. Microaggressions provide a way to normalize discrimination, leading to new forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. In this presentation, Luan will focus on the types of microaggressions that affect minoritized students in the STEM fields and how their experiences with microaggressions affect their experiences in their educational programs.
  • Affinity Group Discussions: Sun Room

1:50 pm Break

2:20 pm Breakout Session: Social Justice in Action

  • Beginner: Graduate Student Panel Discussion, Oak Room
    • This panel, moderated by Cheltzie Miller-Bailey, consists of graduate students in the student affairs program. The program itself is rooted in social justice and aims to educate its students on collegiate practices through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The students will discuss how to take the first steps into activism, what activism truly looks like, how to differentiate performative activism from allyship, and how current media trends play into being an activist. The panel will open up at the end to questions and discussion from the audience.
  • Intermediate: Andra Castle, Sun Room
    • In this presentation, Andra (they/them) discusses what it means to be an ally and how to look internally to identify how to honestly and productively contribute to movements without centering ourselves. Andra provides definitions, examples, and ideas of how to ally is to act. They then discuss digital and social media activism acknowledging performative social media activism and providing strategies on how to use social media for social justice and considerations for creating an allyship action plan.
  • Affinity Group Discussions: South Ballroom

3:20 pm Closing (South Ballroom)

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