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Iowa State Leadership Experience


What is the Iowa State Leadership Experience?

The Iowa State Leadership Experience (ISLE) is a one-day leadership conference that brings students together to collaborate, engage, and practice meaningful leadership. ISLE is a collaboration between Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, and the University of Iowa and is open to students from all three campuses. The 2021 ISLE conference theme is "Unified Resilience in Leadership".  

Download the 2021 ISLE Virtual Meeting Background

2021 Iowa State Leadership Experience:

Date: Saturday, January 30
Event Format: Virtual Conference over Zoom
Event Schedule: 
1:00 pm Introductions/Icebreaker
1:15 pm Keynote
2:00 pm Keynote Q&A
2:15 pm Student Panel
3:15 pm Roundtable Breakout Discussions
4:00 pm Roundtable Share Out & Wrap Up Activity
Conference Theme: "Unified Resilience in Leadership"
Registration: Closed

Roundtable Discussion Topics

Remote Leadership

Throughout this year leaders have been challenged to find new ways to engage with audiences, teams, friends, coworkers, group members in a virtual and remote way. During this roundtable discussion topics around member retention strategies, building a sense of community, technology tools, adjustments or pivots in plans to accommodate new needs, and gauging one's self-awareness through virtual leadership. All of these topics and more will be a central focus of the Remote Leadership Roundtable at ISLE.  

Courageous Leadership

This year has challenged leaders to become more daring, more creative, and more courageous. During this roundtable discussion, there will be discussions surrounding risk-taking, actionable behavior, barriers to courageous leadership, and determining how and when to make the right decisions for you. All of these topics and more will be a central focus of the Courageous Leadership Roundtable at ISLE. 

Identity-Based Leadership

During this roundtable discussion leaders will explore how identities like race, sex, gender, sexuality, ability, culture, etc. intersect with one another and shape individual leadership philosophies and practices. This roundtable will also take a critical look at how identity shapes our campuses, institutions, groups, etc., and what support services are offered to assist in building one's understanding of their own identity. All of these topics and more will be a central focus of the Identity Based Leadership Roundtable at ISLE. 

Career Readiness Leadership

Prepare to learn how to market yourself as a leader as you reflect on your accomplishments and apply them to your future career. This roundtable discussion will focus on tips to articulate your leadership experiences and growth, build your professional network, and prepare for interviews and future jobs. All of these topics and more will be a central focus of the Career Readiness Leadership Roundtable at ISLE. 

Student Group Leadership

Throughout this year our student groups have had to adapt to new circumstances and new membership outcomes. Throughout this roundtable leaders will discuss topics around membership retention, navigating new or young leadership, holding your peers accountable, delegating, and the importance of communication. All of these topics and more will be a central focus of the Student Group Leadership Roundtable at ISLE. 

Who is invited?

This year ISLE is collaborating with University of Iowa and University of Northern Iowa to facilitate the virtual conference experience. All students from UNI, ISU, and Iowa are welcome to virtually attend the conference. 

What's in it for me? 

  • Gain new leadership skills and insight

  • Hear new ideas to implement

  • Network and collaborate with campus leaders from three campuses

  • Learn from dynamic presenters

What is the cost?

The Iowa State Leadership Experience is a FREE event for ISU, UNI, and University of Iowa students!

How do I register?

Registration for ISLE will open soon--please check back! 

What if I register but later cannot attend?

Please email to cancel your registration. But you don't want to miss this!



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