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Please fill out the following form to request a workshop led by one of our Leadership and Service Center Consultants. Our Consultants are prepared to facilitate workshops on the following topics: 

Icebreakers & Team Builders

Our consultants will come to your organization's meeting or retreat and facilitate icebreakers and/or team builders to fit your organizations needs! Activities ranging from get-to-know-you games to trust exercises and lessons for more effective communication. You can also check out materials to do your own team builder activities by visiting our office in the East Student Office Space of the Memorial Union.

Event Planning

This is an interactive workshop that explains the step by step process on how to plan an event from conception until after the event on the Iowa State University campus, completing the event authorization process, providing resources for marketing, and all other event-related pieces. The workshop is discussion based and is more productive if the organization has an idea as to what event they would like to hold on campus. This presentation is best suited for the executive board of an organization or a small group of students such as a planning committee. 

Effective Communication

This presentation analyzes your organization’s current communication skills. The facilitator will pinpoint problems that your organization might have with communication. After, the facilitator will offer suggestions on how to create better communication between members. This presentation is best suited for an entire organization or the executive board.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is the powerful process of identifying your ideal future and creating motivation by establishing measurable goals and time frames in order to accomplish success. Through this presentation, organizations will be able to understand what it means to set goals, but more importantly, how to set goals. This will be demonstrated through knowledge about various types of goals, creation of an outline for an action plan, and the ability to identify the impact that each goal will have on a person and their organization. Having this knowledge and awareness of how to effectively set goals will ultimately encourage focus and overall achievement.


Fundraising is the main way that clubs and organizations obtain money to participate in events or to give back to the community.  Through this presentation, you will be able to understand the steps for completing a successful fundraiser and some ideas for future fundraisers.  After the presentation, there will be time with the presenter to brainstorm a future fundraiser.  This presentation is best suited for an entire organization or the executive board. 

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

This presentation focuses on the Who, What, Why, and How of service within student organizations. During the workshop, students will learn about the importance of service within student organizations, ways to get involved with volunteer organizations and service groups on campus and in the community, and how to plan and organize your own service project. The presentation will provide many resources and examples of volunteer and service opportunities here at Iowa State and in the local community, as well as nationally established philanthropies and non-profits.

Stepping Up as a Leader

This workshop encourages participants to reflect on what makes a good leader and provides detail on how to become one. Whether you want to be the President of your organization or an active member, everybody can learn what it takes to take on a role of responsibility. The workshop encourages discussion and stories of experiences from participants. This is for all members of an organization and may be used to better club member, academic, and career skills. 

Marketing Your Volunteer Experience

This presentation focuses on the importance of volunteering in regards to job searching, filling your resume, applying to graduate school, or in your personal life. In this workshop, examples of different resume samples will be given, resources of resume evaluation and a collection of action words will also be provided.

Organizational Money Management

This workshop provides a quick overview of the Campus Organizations Accounting Office, how to utilize your campus account, and why it can help take your organization to the next level! 

Parliamentary Procedure

This workshop will walk you through the basics of parliamentary procedure, which is a way to restore order to your meetings. This presentation can be adjusted for training the executive team or for the entire organization. Included in this presentation is what to have in an agenda and how to make a motion. Consultants will be able to help you practice the specific steps involved with parliamentary procedure.

Troupe Mentality

The Troupe Mentality presentation will teach your organization improvisational comedy techniques that can help take your organization to the next level. Your organization will learn about confidence, trust, respect, creativity and how they apply to your organization through the use of improv warm ups and interactive activities. Have a little fun with your organization and contact the Leadership and Service Center today to have a student representative present Troupe Mentality!

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