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Meeting Managment


One mind can come up with something small, but together your organization can create large ideas and set goals as a team.

Creating an Agenda

Agendas are useful tools to run a meeting, stay on track, and take notes. Learn how to create one that will be useful in your meetings.

Decision Making

Organizations are tasked with many decisions. Some decisions can be made as a group, and others need to be made by the organization's leadership. Find out how to make the call that will best benefit your organization.

Energizers, Icebreakers, Teambuilders

Get to know the people in your organization, motivate each other, and build trust between members with these great activities

Parliamentary Procedures

Meetings can be facilitated in a variety of ways. Parliamentary Procedures, or Roberts Rules of Order, are the most recognized and formal set of procedures. Learn how these are used and how you may be able to adapt them for your organization.

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