Student Engagement

Star Quality

Material Needed: Five-pointed stars drawn on large pieces of paper or poster board (one per small group); tape or flip charts; markers
Time Required: 15-20 minutes
Group Size: 4-40
Purpose:  Team building, discussing goals

  1. Organize participants into small groups.

  2. Provide a definition of qualities. (An inherent or distinguishing characteristic; a property, a personal trait).

  3. Give small groups five minutes to brainstorm the qualities needed for achieving team goals.

  4. After two minutes, instruct small groups to choose their top five qualities and write them inside the five points to their star.

  5. When points are filled in, instruct groups to agree on other star qualities and list them in the center of the star.

  6. Ask each group to share their qualities with the rest of the group.


  1. Instead of brainstorming qualities for achieving team goals, brainstorm qualities needed in an ideal leader.

  2. If the group has fewer than twelve participants, do the activity together is one group.

  3. Ask group to prioritize the star qualities they decided upon (picking a top 3 or top 5).

  4. Use this as a goal setting activity.

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