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Group Walk

Material Needed: Bandanas, strips of cloth, masking tape, or an entire group who is wearing shoes with shoe laces
Time Required: 15-20 minutes
Group Size:  2-40
Purpose: Building group trust, cooperation, problem solving skills

  1. Ask group members to stand side by side. Give the group bandanas, strips of cloth or masking tape and ask them to tie (or tape) themselves together at the ankles. (One person is tied at the ankle of his/her neighbor on the left and right, and so on down the line.)

  2. If you don't have any ties to use people may tie their shoelaces together with both their neighbors.

  3. Once the group is attached, ask them to work together to walk forward without anyone falling.

  4. If this is difficult for the group to do, break them into pairs and ask them to try walking with just one other person. Once successful with this, add another pair, so that there are four people in a group and try again till successful. Keep adding people until the group can all walk together without falling.

  5. If the group is very large, it is best to break them into smaller teams of no more than ten people each.

Debrief/ Discussion Questions:

  1. How did you feel about your teammates during this activity?

  2. Did you help each other or hinder each other during this activity?

  3. What did everyone have to do during this activity to help the team be successful?

  4. What happened (or what would have happened) if one person did not cooperate?

  5. When in your life are you on a team that is dependent on you for its success?

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