Student Engagement


Material Needed: None
Time Required: 10-15 minutes
Group Size: 
Purpose:  Team building, discussing consensus & teamwork, compromise

  1. Divide the participants up into 3-4 groups depending on the number of people.

  2. Ask each group to huddle together and create a noise and action to perform for other groups.

  3. After each has demonstrated noise and action twice for other groups, the facilitator gives 10 seconds time for each group to huddle.

  4. The goal is for all of the groups to be doing the same noise and action together, without consulting one another.

  5. After the huddle, the facilitator counts to three and all of the groups at the same time must perform one of the action/noise combinations. (It doesn't have to be their original one).

  6. Keep re-huddling until all three groups are doing the same noise/action.

If for some reason the groups are successful on the first or second try, break participants up into smaller groups and have them repeat the activity.

Debrief/ Discussion Questions:

  1. How did it feel to be successful (unsuccessful) with this activity?

  2. What made it so hard to reach consensus?

  3. What was most frustrating about this activity?

  4. How did it feel to have your noise/ action not be chosen by the group?

  5. Did any of you make any compromises during this activity, how did that feel?

  6. How did it feel to not be able to communicate with the other groups?

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