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Circle Tag

Material Needed:  1 blindfold
Time Required: 10 minutes
Group Size: 8-30

  1. Start the game by asking for a volunteer. Blindfold this person and ask the rest of the group members to hold hands in a circle surrounding him or her.

  2. The person in the middle tries to tag (or touch) those in the circle.

  3. The people in the circle must work together to avoid being touched by the person who is in the middle.

  4. If anyone in the group lets go at any time, the person in the middle wins that round.

  5. Set a time limit (about 20 seconds) and challenge he group to go for this amount of time without being tagged.

  6. The group can try to get away from the person in the middle by getting them to go under their arms and outside the circle without tagging them.

  7. After the 20 seconds put another person in the middle and try again.


  1. Blindfold two people who must hold hands and work together to take the circle.

  2. The person in the middle has no blindfold, but has their shoelaces tied together

  3. Place a bell or other noisemaker on one person in the circle and challenge the person in the middle to tag this person while the rest of the group tries to keep her/him from being tagged. You may allow more time for this activity.

Discussion/ Debrief Questions:

  1. What type of teamwork was needed for this activity (if any)?

  2. Do you ever feel like a part of a team that is being pulled in many different directions? How do you deal with this type of situation?

  3. What did each person need to do in this activity to make your team successful?

  4. Do you ever feel like everyone else is on the same team and you are standing by yourself? How do you handle this situation?

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