Student Engagement

Can Walk

Material Needed: Large coffee cans, rope
Time Required: 15-20 minutes
Group Size: 3 or more
Purpose: Work as a team to reach a common goal, problem solving, communication methods

  1. Gather together large coffee- type cans and punch two holes in the side walls, opposite each other near the closed end of the can.

  2. Place a thin rope through the holes and tie the rope in a loop that is long enough to hold onto when standing on the can. Make several of these for your group.

  3. Divide the group into teams of two or three. Give each team one more coffee can than there are people. The teams stand on top of the coffee cans, holding onto the handles and walking. Each person shares the can with his/her neighbor so that they are walking together (with the exception of those who are on the outside edge- the outside foot is by itself on the can).

  4. Once the group is successful at walking on the cans in teams of two or three, challenge them to walk in as big a group as possible.

Debrief/ Discussion Questions:

  1. How did it feel when your group was walking together?

  2. Was it easy or difficult for the group?

  3. What would have made it easier?

  4. What would have made it more difficult?

  5. What made doing this activity as a team better than doing it by yourself?

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