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Calm Down You But

Material Needed: Building blocks or other building materials
Time Required: 20-30 minutes
Group Size: 10-15

  1. Prior to this activity, the facilitator builds a structure out of some blocks and makes a pile of the exact same blocks for the group use.

  2. Show the group the pile and structure and then ask group members to each select one or more of the blocks themselves until there are no blocks remaining.

  3. Now the group must try to build the structure exactly like the original.

  4. Each person may only touch her/his own block(s) and none of the other blocks.

  5. If at anytime someone touches a block that does not belong to her/him the group must start over.

Debrief Questions or Topics:

  1. How did the group decide how to divide up the pile of blocks?

  2. Was this an easy task for the group or difficult? Why?

  3. What would have happened differently if everyone could have touched all of the blocks? Would the task been easier or harder?

  4. Did you have to use patience during this activity? Was it hard or easy for you?

  5. When in life do you need to use patience when working with a group of people? Why?

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