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Leadership and Service Consultant FAQs

What is a Leadership and Service Consultant?

Leadership and Service Consultant are student paraprofessional staff in Memorial Union Student Activities. Consultants are a group of dedicated Iowa State students committed to the advancement of student leadership and service opportunities on campus.

What does a Leadership and Service Consultant do?

Consultants have the opportunity to develop and apply their leadership skills through one-on-one consulting with students interested in getting involved in leadership and service related activities, developing and facilitating workshops for recognized student organizations, assisting with the planning and executing of large-scale campus leadership and service programs, and helping ISU students to start new student organizations on campus. Click here to view the Consultant Job Description. 

Who should apply to be a Leadership and Service Consultant? 

Any student that will meet upperclassmen classification requirements (60+ credit hours) in the 2021-22 academic year and are in good academic standing (2.5+ cumulative GPA) are eligible to apply. Students with experience in event management, marketing and promotion, and student organizational leadership are encouraged to apply. 

Is the Leadership and Service Consultant a paid position?

Yes! Students are paid $7.50/hr for approximately 6 hours per week depending on the needs of the office. Leadership and Service Consultants work during the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year.

How does Leadership and Service Consultation fit into the vision of the Division of Student Affairs and the Mission of the Memorial Union?

Consultants directly support the mission of the Memorial Union through serving the leadership needs of the student body. Consultants are knowledgeable about student organization policy and procedure and guide students through the process of creating new student organizations. Additionally, consultants are knowledgeable about campus events and traditions, and assist students in finding leadership and service opportunities. Furthermore, consultants will promote lifelong learning through the development of campus-wide leadership and service events. These events require consultants to sit on diverse committees with a plethora of campus partners to create events that address the wants and needs of student leaders in innovative ways. 

What will I get out of the Leadership and Service Consultant experience?

Consultants will gain experience in public speaking, advising, networking, marketing, and event planning. In this role, consultants will represent the Student Activities Center while helping ISU students become more engaged citizens and active campus leaders. Students who serve as Leadership and Service Consultant will leave ISU with increased competency in the following skills: critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, teamwork, collaboration, intercultural perspectives, and technology. The experience you will gain as a Leadership and Service Consultant will make you a more competitive applicant for full-time jobs and graduate programs once you graduate from ISU! 

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