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Welcome to the Leadership and Service Center!

The Leadership and Service Center is a resource to Iowa State students seeking assistance with leadership, service, and involvement related topics. See below for what we can do for you!

Spring 2020 Hours

Spring 2020 hours have not yet been determined. Please email for more information.

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  • Talk to peer consultants to help you find involvement opportunities.

  • Get assistance with creating a new club or student organization.

  • Get advice on how to improve your club or overcome challenges.

  • Hear about upcoming leadership and service opportunities.

  • Facilitate individualized icebreaker and team building activities.

  • Present custom workshops to improve your club.

  • Plan and execute organization retreats.

  • Provide ongoing group consultation.








Workshops Available

  • Ice Breakers & Team Builders

  • Event Planning

  • Effective Communication

  • Goal Setting

  • Fundraising

  • Volunteer and Service Opportunities

  • Stepping Up as a Leader

  • Organizational Money Management

  • Custom Topics Upon Request


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