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NEW - University Event Authorization

As of January 8, 2020, the Event Authorization Committee will now review all events hosted by recognized student organizations through the new University Event Authorization website. Any Spring 2020 events submitted to the old Event Authorization system prior to January 8, will still be reviewed through that system. Questions regarding this transition can be directed to

What is Event Authorization?

Event Authorization is the process student organizations will take to hold an event on or off campus.  Events that are open to the public, (i.e. includes members from outside of your organization, including from other universities), must go through the Event Authorization Process and be approved by the Event Authorization Committee before being approved. 

What is the Event Authorization Committee?

The Event Authorization Committee exists to ensure that the proper guidelines are adhered to for the University and to assist student organizations in the planning and preparation of their event. Members of the committee represent Facilities Planning & Management, Department of Public Safety, Department of Residence, Student Engagement, ISU Dining, Recreation Services, Risk Management, and Memorial Union Event Management.

Based on several aspects of the event you are planning, you may or may not be required to meet with the Event Authorization Committee (EAC). If you are, you will receive an email indicating the date and time of this meeting.

How do I get my event authorized?

You will begin by completing the University Event Authorization Training in the Student Organization Database. This training will teach you how to submit your event to the University Event Authorization System. Once you have completed the training you will need to send an email to and ask to be added to the system. 

The Event Authorization form should be submitted online at least ten business days prior to the date of the event (no later than four business days when hosting smaller, routine events). Large special events and theme weeks are expected to submit the form at least one month in advance. You may be required to fill out other forms, such as a Food Sales and Service Agreement, which you will submit if you are planning to provide food at your event.  You will learn more about these requirements while going through the Event Authorization Training.


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