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Walk-In Crafts

Walk-In Crafts

Be a maker when it works best for you! Walk in for our rotating selection of crafts or create in our studios or take a kit to-go. All ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Prices range from $8-$20.
Hours are Monday-Friday from 2-9pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm for Pinwheel Paintings and Oyster Shell Trinket Dishes. Ice Dye is on Fridays only from 2-8pm.


Pinwheel Paintings Walk in Craft

Pinwheel Paintings

Use a straightedge to draw converging lines on a wood panel, and color in the triangles with acrylic paint. Tape off sections to make crisp edges or freehand it to blur the lines. Finished your piece with a gloss medium to enhance the vibrancy of colors.

$14-$16 in studio/$16-$18 to go depending on the size you choose





Oyster Shell Trinket Dish Walk-In Craft

Oyster Shell Trinket Dish

Start with an oyster shell hand-picked by our friend Kyle from Wilmington Beach in North Carolina, and decoupage the paper of your choice inside. Finish with a couple layers of sealant and liquid gold leaf trim around the edge. A fancy little dish for your jewels or a beautiful décor accessory.
$8 in studio/$10 to go 




Ice Dye Walk-In Craft
Ice Dye

Move over tie-dye, there’s a new trend in town! Use a combination of dyes and ice to create a watercolor effect on a t-shirt, scarf, leggings, tote, beach sarong, apron, or bring in your own cotton items. Fun, easy, and each one is an original! Fabric will sit in dye overnight, so you’ll need to stop back to pick up your finished piece on Saturday.
Drop in on Fridays in June & July from 2-8pm

$10-$20 depending on the item you choose/not available to go
*Items may vary from week to week
•    Dog Bandana $5
•    Makeup/Pencil Bag $10 Small/$12 Medium
•    Leggings, Toddler T-Shirts $12
•    Kid’s T-Shirt $14
•    Wall Tapestry, Adult T-Shirt $18
•    Sarong $20 Short/$25 Long
•    Infinity Scarf $22
•    Boho Bag $25
•    Bring in your own cotton items:
     Up to 1/2# for $10
     Up to 1# for $15
     Up to 1&1/2# for $20
     Up to 2# for $25 (Maximum per Friday)

Blue Confetti Tray


Rainbow Confetti Tray for Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month with us! Make a colorful, sparkly tray with confetti, glitter, and tiny baubles covered with a dimensional gloss medium. These little dishes will add a pop to any space and be a reminder that Pride is alive wherever there are champions of equality. $2 from each tray will be donated to The Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success initiatives.
Drop in June 20-30
$13 in studio/$15 to go

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