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Drop In Crafts

Be a maker when it works best for you! Drop in for our rotating selection of crafts or create in our studios or take a kit to-go. All ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Prices range from $8-$20.
Hours are Monday-Friday from 2-9pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Winter Gnomes Drop-In Craft at The Workspace











Winter Gnomes

Create an enchanting little sock gnome! You’ll get to choose patterned socks, fashion the nose, select the perfect furry beard, create a stocking hat, and assemble everything without any sewing required. Armed with a hot glue gun and some scissors, you’ll be set to make a magical new winter friend.

Drop in January 17-February 14
$13 in studio/ $15 to go (note you will need scissors and a hot glue gun for to-go kits)


Ice Dye Drop in Craft at The Workspace

Ice Dye

Move over tie-dye, there’s a new trend in town! Use a combination of dyes and ice to create a watercolor effect on a t-shirt, scarf, leggings, tote, beach sarong, or apron or bring in your own cotton item (1 pound maximum). Fun, easy, and each one is an original! Fabric will sit in dye overnight, so you’ll need to stop back to pick up your finished piece the following day. 

Drop in on Wednesday through Friday, January 18-20 from 4-8pm
•    Dog Bandana $5
•    Makeup/Pencil Bag $10 Small/$12 Medium
•    Leggings $10 
•    Toddler T-Shirts $12
•    Kid’s T-Shirt, Beanie, Scarf $15
•    Wall Tapestry, Adult T-Shirt, Bucket Hat $18
•    Crossbody Bag, Crop Tank $20
•    Sarong $20 Short/$25 Long
•    Infinity Scarf $23
•    Boho Bag, Big Beach Bag $25
•    Bring in your own cotton items:
     Up to 1/2# for $10
     Up to 1# for $15


Valentine's Day Hearts Drop-In Craft at The Workspace

Valentine's Day Hearts

A hand-made valentine is the BEST and even better when it’s something a little different. Paint or decoupage a flat wood heart cutout to show all the love to your mate this year.

Drop in February 1-14
$8 -$14 in studio/ $11-$17 to go


Black History Month Image Transfers

Black History Month Image Transfers

Choose from a collection of inspirational messages and imagery to create a ready-to-hang artwork. Using a transfer medium, we will show you how to “lift” a design from paper onto a wood canvas board. 

Drop in February 15-28
$8 in studio/not available to go


Hamsa Painting at The Workspace

Hamsa Painting

The Hamsa has different meanings to different groups of people but is commonly seen as a protective symbol that brings in luck, health, happiness, and good fortune, warding off evil and negative feelings. We have simplified the intricate designs by using a stencil on a canvas panel. Choose your color palette and enjoy the process of painting the shapes and lines that make up a Hamsa hand. More information about the history, symbolism, and significance of the Hamsa is available at The Workspace.

Drop in February 22 - March 9

$10 for 9” x 12” painting or $14 for 12” x 16” painting in studio/not available to go


Beaded Felt Bowls

Make a cute and handy little bowl. Choose a thick felt circle with pre-made holes in a color you like, along with a handful of large beads. You will stitch the beads into the felt and cinch it at the end with strong thread and a sturdy needle. This is a fun project that is perfect for all ages and skill sets.

Drop in March 20 - April 15

$15 in studio/$17 to go

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