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Drop In Crafts

Be a maker when it works best for you! Drop in for our rotating selection of crafts or create in our studios or take a kit to-go. All ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Prices range from $8-$20.
Hours are Monday-Friday from 2-9pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm.


Free Crafts for MLK Day

Commemorate the birthday of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with creative activities at The Workspace. Drop in 10am-4pm on Monday, January 15 for crafts including yarn art and MLK coloring pages. Everyone will also receive an MLK Day button.

This event is free and activities can be done in our studios, or crafts can be taken to-go. All ages are welcome.


Winter Gnomes

Create an enchanting little sock gnome! You’ll get to choose patterned socks, fashion the nose, select the perfect furry beard, create a stocking hat, and assemble everything without any sewing required. Armed with a hot glue gun and some scissors, you’ll be set to make a magical new winter friend.

Drop in January 16-February 14
$14 in studio/ $16 to-go (note you will need scissors and a hot glue gun for to-go kits)


Boho Tassel Wall Hanging

Winter Wellness

Winter weather can do a number on our skin! Keep yours in tip top shape with lush sugar scrub and smooth lip balm made with natural ingredients. Make your own with your choice of scent and flavor.

Drop in Thursday, January 18 from 4-8pm
$12 in studio/not available to go

Black History Month Watercolor Poetry

Celebrate Langston Hughes, the late poet, social activist, novelist, and playwright, by using his words to create a work of art. Use masking fluid to write out a phrase from his poetry, then paint layers of watercolor washes over your design. After drying, you can pull the masking fluid off the page to reveal the white, contrasting lettering and slide it into the 8”x10” frame provided.

Enter to win tickets to Ron McCurdy's Langston Hughes Project - A Multimedia Concert Performance of Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz on Thursday, February 8, 2024 at Stephens Auditorium in Ames.

Drop in February 1-3
$12 in studio/not available to go

Valentine's Day Hearts

A hand-made valentine is the BEST! Paint a wood heart cutout to show all the love to your friend, mom, soulmate, or to decorate your own space.

Drop in February 1-February 14
$6-$10 in studio/ $8-$12 to-go depending on what you choose

Heart Wands

Add a little magic to Valentines Day! Make an adorable heart wand using felt, stuffing, ribbon, and a dowel, and make yours unique with sequins and glitter.

Drop in Tuesday, February 13 from 4-8pm
$6 in studio/ not available to go

Black History Month Magnets

Choose from a set of inspirational messages and imagery to create a set of four glass magnets

Drop in February 15-29
$8 in studio/ $9 to-go

Sponsored by Multicultural Student Affairs

Secret Book Safe

Hollow out a book for a secret place to stash your treasures in plain sight. Start by gluing the edges together, then use a box knife to cut out a rectangular compartment within the pages. Add decorative paper or fabric to your interior cutout to tidy up the edges, and keep it under a stack of real books overnight to compress the pages.

Drop in February 21-March 8
$8 in studio/ $10 to-go

Mini Zen Garden and Stone Mandala

Create a set of small visual reminders of the need to slow down and be present in your life. Zen gardens emphasize the principles of naturalness (Shizen), simplicity (Kanso) and austerity (koko). To make a mini version you will decorate a small wood container filled with sand and assemble a tiny rake. Choose a few small shells and rocks or include your own natural objects. For the mandalas, paint repetitive lines and shapes on a smooth stone. True mandalas incorporate ancient spiritual symbols, but our version will allow you to focus your attention on the pattern and process that will help guide you to a relaxed state of mind.

Drop in March 18-April 13
$15 in studio/ $17 to-go

Mean Girls Bracelets

Get in losers, Mean Girls is coming to town! Catch the Broadway musical at Stephens Auditorium on Thursday, April 11, but make sure you wear a set of bracelets so fetch even a plastic will compliment you. Spell out your favorite Mean Girls quote with our letter beads and be sure to make at least one that is pink for Wednesdays.

Make a set of 3 and enter our drawing for free tickets to the show.

Drop in March 27-April 3
$6 in studio/ not available to-go

Flowerpot Painting

Simple, fun, and in-season, terra cotta pots are an easy surface to paint on. Choose from small pots to start an herb garden, to medium containers for indoor plants, and larger pots for outdoor flowers.

Drop in April 1-30
$8 - $16 in studio/$10 - $18 to-go

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