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Drop In Crafts

Be a maker when it works best for you! Drop in for our rotating selection of crafts or create in our studios or take a kit to-go. All ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Prices range from $8-$20.
Hours are Monday-Friday from 2-9pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Air Plant Terrarium

A little horticulture therapy is good for the soul and mother earth. Choose a glass container and add sand, stones, moss, and other natural elements to create a terrarium. Next, paint a wood block to use as the base, and assemble with a live air plant.

Glass for this project is from thrift stores and donations, and air plants are purchased locally at Back Alley Plants. Reduce – reuse – recycle.

Drop in August 21-September 14
$14 in studio/ $17 to-go


Boho Tassel Wall Hanging

Boho Tassel Wall Hanging

Create vibrant pops of color on neutral cotton cords that are hung from a piece of California driftwood. Leave the tassel cord in twists or brush it out for a softer fringe. An earthy, hand-made addition to your wall décor.

Drop in September 1-30
$8 in studio/ $11 to-go


Scandi Plant Stand for Page

Scandi Plant Stand with John Burright

Place your favorite plant on a pedestal in the Scandi style of clean lines and neutral colors. We will assist you with assembling a plant stand with pre-cut wood. Add a solid stripe of color to capture that minimalist look. We also have 12” flowerpots to paint if you would like to purchase one, or use your own similarly sized pot from home. 
Open to ages 18+
Drop in Tuesday, September 19 from 4-8pm and expect about an hour to finish
$28 (not including flowerpot)/not available to go


Sagrado Corazon Drop in Craft at The Workspace

Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month Craft: Sagrado Corazón

Also known as a Sacred Heart or flaming heart, it represents love, healing, and gratitude, and is one of the most common symbols in Mexican religious art. Employing folk art traditions of mixing religious iconography (Spanish origins) with the traditional Mesoamerica flare for bold color, the hearts are often depicted with flames, rays of light, thorns, a dagger, or a cross, and each representation holds a slightly different meaning.

They come in various materials, but we will create a tin version and invite you to decorate it with patterns in brightly colored paint, gems, glitter, and other adornments. More information about the history of this and other folk art crafts is available at The Workspace.

Drop in September 15-30 (First half of Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month)
$7 in studio/$10 to go


Alebrije at The Workspace

Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month Craft: Alebrije

Alebrije are sculptures that combine elements from animals such as cats, fish, bird’s feet, and bat’s wings into fantastical beings. They were first created by Pedro Linares Lopez, a Mexican artist who dreamed of these creatures in the 1930s while falling in and out of consciousness during a serious illness. After recovery, Lopez brought his visions to life through brightly painted paper mache sculptures. Now, many alebrijes are carved from copal wood by indigenous families in the villages of Oaxaca, Mexico, and we were able to source an assortment of small sculptures for our painting craft.

More information about the history of this and other folk art crafts is available at The Workspace.
Drop in October 1-15 (Second half of Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month)
$6 in studio/$8 to go

Word Art

Transform paper mâché letters into a fun word to display on your bookshelf or desk. Rifle through our textile stash to wrap and decoupage fabric onto the letters. We can spell out Vibes, Nope, Ope, or Yikes!

Drop-in October 16 - November 16, Monday - Friday 2-9pm, Saturday 10am-4pm
$12-$18 in studio/$14-$20 to go

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