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Whether you need a quick cut to a board, or a place to construct a small project, our woodshop is fully equipped

Table Saw
Band Saw
Belt/Disc Sander
Drill Press
Hand Tools
Ventilation System - Required when using the woodshop
We don't sell wood, but we do sell sandpaper, drill bits and other small items to help you complete your projects.
Safety glasses are available and required when using the woodshop.
You are welcome to use wood from our scrap barrel for practice.
The Fine Print
In order to use the woodshop you must take the Orientation Class. Find upcoming offerings on our calendar of events.
Only untreated, dimensional construction lumber or kiln dried hardwood lumber may be used in the woodshop. Wood that you bring in can be left in the woodshop for a short time between visits, but must be labeled with your name and contact information.

For safety and good maintenance of the woodshop, all users must clean off all machines, sweep floors and surfaces, and shop vac after use. Our table saw is a SawStop which means the blade will detect any skin and trigger the break. When this happens, we need to replace the cartridge. If the sensor is triggered while you are working, the good news is that you will walk away with the fingers you walked in with. The other news is that you are responsible for a $100 fee to replace the cartridge.This can also be triggered by wet wood, so see our guidelines above on what wood is suitable to bring into The Workspace.

The woodshop is open to ages 18+.

Woodshop Open Studio at The Workspace


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