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2020 Focus Online Exhibit

Jasmine Ambrosio
Tang Reborn
Cotton Fabric, Silk Fabric and Silk Embroidery Thread
Advisor: Archana Edmond

Artist’s Statement: Created from silk fabric, this ensemble represents styles and silhouettes found in the Tang and Song dynasties of China. The full ensemble consists of a skirt, top, jacket, undergarments, and scarf. The embroidery on the skirt was hand stitched on stiff cotton with silk embroidery thread.


Jasmine Beul
MDF, Latex Paint, Clay and Underglaze  
Advisor: Ingrid Lilligren

Artist’s Statement: This sculpture series uses clay, wood, and color to explore ideas of time, space, light and scale. The floor platforms are meant to be viewed from above, to create the idea of looking down on a miniaturized version of a landscape to play with scale. The tower-like clay formations represent geologic time, the color variation reflects daily passage, creating a juxtaposition between two different views of time.  


Naomi Chiccoine 
Items for the Next Life
Advisor: Joe Muench

Artist’s Statement: Coyotes, goats, and deer surrounded by corn, brambles and thickets. These are images that, for me, are emblematic of the wilderness and countryside of Iowa. Fabricated from sterling silver, these creatures and vegetations create a series of jewelry based on funerary goods, items meant to be taken into the afterlife with their owner, for protection in the next life. I will be moving out of the Midwest soon, and thus created this series of jewelry to take with me to my “next life.”


Lena Frank
Performance Dates: February 21, 22, 25 @ 7:00 pm and February 23 @1pm 
Location: M-Shop, Memorial Union 
Name of the Performance: The Food Monologues by Kerri Kochanski 
Description: Celebrate National Body Image and Eating Disorder Week (BIEDA), with The Food Monologues! The Food Monologues examines women’s relationships with their bodies and the dynamic connections made with food. This all female casts brings to light societal issues that are not normally talked about on a daily basis. Themes for the play include: dieting, eating disorders, disordered eating, weight loss/gain, body shame, and societal expectations and perceptions about women and beauty.  



Cameron Gray
Swing Low
Iron, Rope, Wood
Advisor: Austin Stewart

Description: According to the Washington Post, last year people of color represented 40% of the police shootings in America. Already this year, we make up a third of shootings. Swing Low is a call to action and a memorial to the people who have fallen and had their worst fears realized. It will directly confront the public about the contemporary idea of lynching while harkening back to the time of the Jim Crow South and the fear associated. In hopes of giving insight to the experience of people of color in this very tumultuous time.



Breanna Engelhardt
Sterling Silver and Porcelain
Advisor: Joseph Muench

Artist’s Statement: Utensils today are usually made from stainless steel instead of their traditional medium of silver, even though they're still called "silverware." Teacups are traditionally made in porcelain but now usually made from a commercial white stoneware. I wanted to create these items out of their traditional media in order to talk about the change in their use today. Having worked in both media before, I also wanted to compare the process and function between each piece in its medium.


Jessie Stindt
Papillon Reverie
Fabric, Tuelle, Paint, and Laser Cut Acrylic
Advisor: Archana Edmond

Artist’s Statement: This gown is inspired by one of my childhood dreams, a blue tunnel full of butterflies, therefore the name, Papillon Reverie (Butterfly Dreaming). It is an entirely tulle ball gown with laser cut acrylic butterflies that I hand painted. This dress was made as "wearable art" that represents freedom, as I see butterflies as a symbol of freedom.


Liz Stratton
Acrylic on Panels

Sculpey and Acrylic

3D Printed and Sculpted with Zbrush
Advisor: Kimberly Moss

Artist’s Statement: The choices we make when teaching a new generation can have a significant impact on our world.  Use of dogfish sharks in anatomy courses is contributing to their rapidly declining population. Keeping these animals in the oceans is vital in preserving marine biodiversity. This project presents alternative pedagogical tools such as sculptures and 3D printed models as solutions to reduce the use of these animals in classrooms, while promoting student comprehension.


Sophia Szakacs
Prisma Parallels
Prismacolor Colored Pencil, Clear Acrylic and Maple
Advisor: Paula Streeter

Artist’s Statement: The Multiplane Camera is a vintage animation process that displays pieces of artwork past the camera at various distances from one another, creating a sense of parallax or depth. Parts of the artwork are left transparent to allow other layers to be seen behind them. I strived to simultaneously create the illusion of three-dimensional depth on two-dimensional surfaces as well as capture the importance of experiencing a new culture and furthering your education. The landmarks I drew of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa and Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy, were chosen for their impact on me and my experiences with them. Designed to be interactive, viewers can change the order of the frames to create their own scenes through my drawn story.


Claire Wessels
Die Königin der Nacht
Black Satin, Lycra/Spandex and Copper
Advisor: Archana Edmond

Artist’s Statement: My garment is based on the character The Queen of the Night from Mozart’s opera Die Zauberflöte. The Queen of the Night sings one of the most popular arias from all of opera history Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen, also known as the rage aria. The garment is created out of a full body suit, a full-length cloak, a corset, and many copper elements. The entire crown is made from copper sheet or copper plated items, the claws are created from copper sheet, and the corset has copper plate.



Abigail West
Blue Impact
Patched and Embroidered Overalls  
Advisor: Cindy Gould

Artist’s Statement: I wanted to take a step back and focus on process and materials. All the materials that form the patches are from thrift stores items. I wanted to slow down and show how with patience, play and purpose I could take clothing otherwise destined for the landfill and turn it into something beautiful and unique.



Eric Williams
Research Question
Structural Bias
No Shelter
When 2+1=4
One Size Fits All
Noble Rot

Advisors: Barbara Haas & Clark Colby

Artist’s Statement: The goal of this project was to explore the intersection between film and narrative, riffing off the adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” Because the photos are devoid of people, I wanted to use narrative, each a thousand words, to bring character and story to each photo. My hope was to find and explore surprising connections between the two mediums, such that viewing the photo or reading the story apart would produce one effect, but that viewing and reading them together would produce another, perhaps more complete, experience.
Find the narratives here



Suek Yi Lim
Open Wound
Phases of Limerence

Acrylic, Fabric, Beads, Branches, and CD on Canvas
Advisor: Archana Edmond

These mixed-media pieces are conceptual 3D fashion illustrations that portray the overwhelming nature of an individual’s thoughts and emotions. The final products are left raw and disorderly to incite curiosity. The meanings behind these works are not clarified so that viewers can form their own perceptions. By observing the details of these illustrations, perhaps people may come to visualize and reflect upon their own characters.



Natalie Young

Oil paint, water color, and  liquid latex
Advisor: Nancy Thompson

Artist Statement: When experiencing any type of artwork the viewer comes from different cultures and contexts, influencing them to respond in different ways. I attempted to limit this gap through the influence of priming. Which is using lighting, music, poems, and visual images to put the viewer in the intended emotional state in hopes to have them respond in the same way when they view the artwork. These paintings are what the viewers responded to after the initial priming. 

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