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Studies in Creativity Exhibit at the MU

"Studies in Creativity" Exhibit Entry Information

Entry Infomation

Students will need to submit entries online at ArtCall. You will need to create an account before uploading your submissions and we strongly recommend creating your profile early instead of waiting until the day you submit your artwork. That way if you have any issues, you have some time to get it figured out. If you create a profile and don't end up submitting artwork, that is ok, so if you are unsure go ahead and get that part done to make your life a little easier later. HERE is the Art Call website for entries.
Click on the YouTube video below for a tutorial on both setting up a profile and uploading submissions. 


This exhibit is open to Iowa State University students of any major, and each person may submit up to 3 works for consideration. Art can be any media and can include non-traditional gallery media such as (but not limited to) apparel design, graphic design, and scale models, however all artwork must be original and not previously displayed in a past MU exhibit.


Entries must be uploaded by Monday, September 18, 2023 at 10am. No late entries will be considered.

Juror TBA


Artists will receive a notification e-mail by September 22 that will give you the status of your submission(s). If you entered more than one piece, you will receive an e-mail for each entry seperately. The e-mail will let you know if the piece was selected for the exhibit or not, and what the next steps are.

Rules for Accepted Works

Artwork must be delivered to the MU in ready-to-install condition, which means that pieces need to have considerations made for things like matting, framing, hanging mechanisms, stability for sculpture, and general presentation. 

Two-dimensional art (not on stretched canvas) must be framed and matting is highly recommended. Talk to your professor or look up information online about ways to mat and frame your artwork. We don't want you to blow your budget, but if you are able to step up from the cheapest frame, you will be happier with the outcome. Another option is to take it to a professional framer, however you will need to do this before you enter your piece in the exhibit since most place take 2-3 weeks for that service. A secure hanging mechanism is requried, and we prefer a hanging wire if possible. 

Works on stretched canvas do not have to be framed, but the sides of the canvas do need to be finished (painted). A hanging wire (or D-rings for oversized works) is required.

Fiber pieces that are meant to be hung on the wall must including casings and hanging rods.

Any other artwork that is meant to be hung on the wall must have a secure hanging mechanism. 

3D/sulptural works must be stable when freestanding. The MU Gallery will provide pedistals and has small display stands for jewelry.

Apparel design should include a dress form provided by the artist but if you don't have access to one, contact us and we will try to assist in securing one for the exhibit. If a smaller piece is accepted (hat, accessory, etc.), we will provide a display case for the piece.

Any accepted pieces that are not accurately depicted in the entry images may be rejected by the Gallery Coordinator at the time of the exhibit installation. The Gallery Coordinator may also refuse to accept or exhibit objects that are improperly prepared for display. If your artwork doesn't fit in the above categories or if you are unsure, we can talk about options for presentation in advance of the art delivery time.

Delivery of Accepted Works

Accepted pieces may be delivered on Friday, September 29 from 4-5pm or Monday, October 2 from Sunday, October 9 from 9-10am to the Memorial Union Art Gallery, Room 1568 on the first floor. If you are unable to deliver at the designated time, you may make arrangements in advance with for an early drop-off by e-mailing No late pieces will be included in the exhibit, without exceptions, so please plan accordingly.

Exhibit & Reception

The exhibit will be held in the Memorial Union Art Gallery October 8 - November 15, 2023. Hours are Monday - Friday from 11am-4pm and Sunday from 1-4pm. A public reception will be held the week of October 16th, and students will have the opportunity to meet the juror and hear the award announcements. The exhibit and reception are open to everyone, so we encourage artists to invite their family and friends.


The juror will determine the Best of Show in visual art, apparel design, and poetry with awards of $100. The Memorial Union Gallery Coordinator will choose a Purchase Award winner. This is a piece that will be purchased by the MU and added to our Permanent Art Collection. Only pieces listed for sale can be considered for the Purchase Award. 


When entering your information online, you will need to indicate whether the artwork is for sale or not for sale. Pricing artwork can be challenging, so if you aren't sure be sure to take the following into consideration: the cost of the art supplies, the cost of framing, the time it took you to create the artwork, and if the piece is reproducable. For example, is this a photograph that you can reprint, or a one-of-a-kind piece? Keep in mind that the Memorial Union receives a 20% commission on all art sales, so add that into your final sale price. 
If your piece is not for sale, you will still need to list an insurance value. You can use the above to help determine the value of your piece.
We encourage you not to undersell yourself, but the prices and insurance values must also be reasonable as our coverage is limited and at the discretion of the Memorial Union.
All inquires about sales must go through the Memorial Union Art Gallery during the exhibition.


When you submit entries to this exhibition it means that you are accepting the rules and conditions stated here and on ArtCall.
The Memorial Union reserves the right to photograph accepted work for publicity and/or inventory purposes.
All entries will be handled in a professional manner while in the care of the Memorial Union staff.
Insurance will be provided while artwork is in the possession of the MU and will cease on November 16.

Pick Up of Exhibited Artwork

Artwork must remain in the MU Gallery for the duration of the exhibit. Artwork may be picked up on November 15 from 4-6pm. Unclaimed artwork will become property of the Iowa State Memorial Union.


Any questions regarding the exhibit may be directed to or Letitia Kenemer, Workspace and Arts Coordinator.

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