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Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month Craft: Sagrado Corazón

September 25, 2023 - October 1, 2023


Also known as a Sacred Heart or flaming heart, it represents love, healing, and gratitude, and is one of the most common symbols in Mexican religious art. Employing folk art traditions of mixing religious iconography (Spanish origins) with the traditional Mesoamerica flare for bold color, the hearts are often depicted with flames, rays of light, thorns, a dagger, or a cross, and each representation holds a slightly different meaning.

They come in various materials, but we will create a tin version and invite you to decorate it with patterns in brightly colored paint, gems, glitter, and other adornments. More information about the history of this and other folk art crafts is available at The Workspace.

Open to all ages if accompanied by an adult. 

Drop-in September 15-30 (First Half of Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month)

$7 in studio/$10 to go

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