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Delsarte Saturday Workshops

November 3, 2018, 9:30 AM (CST)


Work with New York Master Delsarte Instructor, Joe Williams, in a series of weekend workshops.  Learn the fundamentals of Delsarte in the Body Language and the Artist interactive seminar and move on to workshops focusing on everything from specific body parts to balance and the principles of music. 

Classes take place throughout the weekend of November 3 & 4, and will meet in the Gallery on the 3nd floor of the Memorial Union. Classes are priced individually, although we recommend taking Body Language and the Artist as a good foundation from which to move forward.  Sign up for a full day Saturday or full day Sunday, or full weekend for a discounted price.

Body Language and the Artist   
This seminar is an introduction to some of the most basic elements of body language, as revealed by Delsarte. This is applicable not only to performance, but to all the arts, to business, communications, psychology, or any individual who would like to benefit from more knowledge of the self. We look at the common movement languages of forward and back, side to side, diagonals, curves, and some simple expressions of the angles of head movement. These are movements that we are using constantly. Do you know what they are communicating? Learn how to use them to fulfill your best intentions.    

This workshop is encouraged as a prerequisite for Delsarte workshops over the weekend as it provides students with a good foundation from which to move forward, but it is not required.
Saturday, November 3 from 9:30-11am
ISU $18/Public $23
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Dynamic Poses for the Camera
If we define dynamic as active and engaged, we would define a dynamic pose as a moment captured in the process of becoming. We will look at both standing and seated positions which show types of engagement, combined with expressive laws of motion, to create a process that can be frozen for a moment, in a pose that is both dynamic and revealing of intention and action. This can be used for camera work, stage picture for theater, or choreography.
Saturday, November 3 from 12:30-2:30pm
ISU $24/Public $29       
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Broadening Your Dance Vocabulary in 3 Easy Steps 
It might be hard to believe, but with the exception of jumping, there are only three types of steps a bi-ped mammal (you) can do! Once you learn them, or how to recognize them, both learning and teaching steps becomes much easier! Everything from ballroom dancing to folk dancing to stage styles uses combinations and patterns of these three steps. Each of the three types of step has its own emotional range, so you can even use these steps to intentionally create drama. They are so universal that even seated, or with hands, shoulders or crutches, they can be shown and used with dramatic power.
Saturday, November 3 from 3-5pm
ISU $24/Public $29
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Delsarte Workshops with Joe Williams

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