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Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month Craft: Alebrije

October 9, 2023 - October 15, 2023


Alebrije are sculptures that combine elements from animals such as cats, fish, bird’s feet, and bat’s wings into fantastical beings. They were first created by Pedro Linares Lopez, a Mexican artist who dreamed of these creatures in the 1930s while falling in and out of consciousness during a serious illness. After recovery, Lopez brought his visions to life through brightly painted paper mache sculptures. Now, many alebrijes are carved from copal wood by indigenous families in the villages of Oaxaca, Mexico, and we were able to source an assortment of small sculptures for our painting craft.

More information about the history of this and other folk art crafts is available at The Workspace.

Open to all ages if accompanied by an adult. 

Drop-in October 1-15 (Second Half of Hispanic-Latino/a/e Heritage Month)

$6 in studio/$8 to go

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