Student Engagement

Executive Board & Event Staff

There are seven positions on the ISU AfterDark Executive Board:



Kristen Heimgartner 

  • Supervise the executive board
  • Lead executive meetings
  • Schedule and oversee each event
  • Maintain constant communication with adviser
  • Complete necessary forms to ensure event authorization
  • Communicate with Event Management for equipment and setup needs

Vice President

 Madison Strait

  • Supervise the executive board
  • Lead committee member meetings
  • Member recruitment and retention of members
  • Manage member relations and social activities
  • Maintain constant communication with adviser


Jenna Ledbetter


  • Manage event promotion with tabling, display cases, and more
  • Create posters, handouts, and other advertising content
  • Maintain the organization's Facebook and Instagram
  • Run promotional contests and giveaways throughout event

Activities Director

Lyndsie Byers

  • Identify new programming opportunities and organize activities for events
  • Purchase all supplies and event prizes
  • Set-up and manage Bingo throughout the event


Jian Janes

  • Process and maintain records of club's spending
  • Collaborate with adviser to allocate funds

Co-Sponsorship Director 

Carter Wulf

  • Collaborate with student organizations for event programming
  • Manage co-sponsor requests to determine activity plans and needs
  • Act as main contact for co-sponsors before and during event
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