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Co-Sponsorship Guidelines

ISU AfterDark Co-Sponsorship Guidelines

ISU AfterDark, a late-night programming series on campus, aspires to plan fun and interactive Friday night activities. In order to make our events even larger and more successful, we hope to collaborate with campus organizations to arrange smaller activities. If your organization needs help developing activity ideas, the AfterDark event planning committee will be happy to assist you! 


In order to ensure a successful, properly organized, and fun late-night program, ISU AfterDark requires all organizations to abide by the following conditions when co-sponsoring an event:

1.  The organization must be recognized and in good standing with Student Engagement.

2.  The organization will have their event set-up and ready to begin no less than 15 minutes before their agreed upon start time.

3.  The organization will be responsible for providing an adequate number of students to staff their particular event throughout the course of the evening.

4.  The organization’s event shall last a minimum of 2 hours.

5.  The organization cannot charge students to participate in their event.

6.  The organization will advertise their activity prior to ISU AfterDark 

6.  The organization’s event must be open to all ISU AfterDark attendees.

7. All reimbursable purchases for the event must be purchased with a Campus Organization
Accounting issued Purchasing Card

8.  Both ISU AfterDark and the organization will sign an agreement outlining the details of the co-sponsorship.

Funding: Each proposal will be reviewed independently and considered based on potential for success and ability to promote the organizations involved. ISU AfterDark is not obligated to provide funding for all activities; however, if approved for funding, AfterDark may fund up to 100% of the activity’s costs. After the application is approved, if the organization makes significant changes to their event, ISU AfterDark reserves the right to change any of the terms of the co-sponsorship agreement, including the amount of funding.  Funding supplied to an organization is to be used strictly for the supplies for the activity and not for advertising the event. Items purchased for long-term use such as games, indispensable items, and any left over supplies will become property of ISU AfterDark. Organizations that do not have a purchasing card are still welcomed to co-sponsor. We will work with you and utilize our organization's purchasing card to purchase supplies. 


ISU AfterDark will not fund catered food items. Food items eligible for reimbursement include food supplies for activities (ie. graham crackers for gingerbread house).


ISU AfterDark reserves the right to deny an application for co-sponsoring an event if the proposed activity violates university regulations or is otherwise deemed inappropriate. If an application is rejected, justification will be provided to the student who submitted the form.


If interested in co-sponsoring an event with ISU AfterDark, please complete an online proposal form here.

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